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Posted at November 16th, 2013
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1. The Legend of Aji Saka : Java, Indonesia
In the Kingdom of Medang Kamulan, in Java, came a young when man, by the name of Aji Saka to fight Dewatacengkar, the cruel King of The Country who had a habit to eat human flesh of his own people. Aji Saka himself he came from Bumi Majeti.
One day he told his two servants, by the name of Dara and Sembodo, that he was going to java. He told them that while he was away, both of them have to guards his Heirloom / Pusoko. No one except Aji Saka himself allowed taking the Pusoko. In the big battle, Aji Saka could successfully push Dewata Cengkar to fall to the South Sea. Dewata Cengkar did not die; he became a Bajul Putih (White Crocodile). Aji Saka became a ruler of Medangkamulan.
Meanwhile a woman of the village of Dadapan, found an egg. She put the egg in her Lumbung (Rice Barn). After a certain period the egg vanished, instead a snake found in the rice barn. The villagers would like to kill the snake, but the snake said: “I’m the son Aji Saka, bring me to him”.
Aji Saka told the snake, that he would be recognized as his son, if he could kill the Bajul Putih in the South Sea. After a long stormy battle which both sides demonstrating physical strength and showing skillful ability of fighting, the snake could kill Bajul Putih.
As had been promised the snake was recognized as Aji Saka’s son and he was given a name Jaka Linglung (a stupid boy).
In the palace Jaka Linglung greedily ate domestic pets of the palace. He was punished by the King, expelling him to live in the Jungle of Pesanga. He was tightly roped until he could not move his head. He was instructed only to eat things which fall to his mouth.
One day, a group of 9 (nine) village boys were playing around in that Jungle. Suddenly it was raining heavily. They had to find a shelter, luckily there was a cave. Only 8 (eight) boys went inside the cave, the other one who was suffering from very bad skin disease, sting and dirty, he had to stay out of the cave. All of a sudden, the cave was falling apart. The 8 (eight) boys vanished; only the one who stayed outside was safe. The cave in fact was the mouth of Jaka Linglung.

One day I went to Bandung with my friend for a vacation. We went there on night bus when we arrived in Cianjur, the bus stopped for a rest. I got off the bus to get a cup of coffee, but my friend didn’t. He went to a mosque to pray. It took only a few minutes to pray, but when I came out again the bus was not there. It had gone! Shocked and confused. I asked the shopkeeper about the bus. She said that the bus had departed about five minutes ago.
I tried to call my friend on my cell phone, but the battery was running low. I couldn’t do anything but hope and pray. After several minutes, my wish came true. The bus came back! Got on the bus and walked to my seat. I was so ashamed when everybody on the bus looked at me. I could feel my face turn red.
I asked my friend why she didn’t tell the driver that I was still outside.
“I did, I told him several times that you were outside, but he said that you were in the bus toilet because he saw a man going into the toilet,” my friend replied, laughing. The other passengers smiled at me. I was so embarrassed.

• 1 cup whole meal self-rising flour
• ½ cup brown sugar
• ½ cup oat bran
• ½ teaspoon cinnamon
• ¼ cup almond flakes
• 2 large green apples
• 1 egg
• 2/3 cup milk
• 60 g butter, melted

1 Turn oven to 220oC (425oF).
2 Grease 12 muffin pans.
3 Sift flour into a bowl. Add sugar, oat bran, cinnamon and almonds.
4 Peel and grate the apples.
5 Put them into the bowl.
6 Mix egg, milk and melted butter in a jug.
7 Add to bowl all at once.
8 Stir with a fork
9 Stir until just mixed.
10 Almost fill the muffin pans with the batter.
11 Bake in oven for 15 to 20 minutes until golden.
12 Serve the muffins warm with butter and jam.

A long time ago, the ancient land of Sunda was ruled by a king and queen who had but a single daughter. Her name was Dayang Sumbi. She was beautiful and clever but also pampered and spoiled.
One day as she was weaving in her pavilion, she became moody and distracted, which caused her to keep dropping her shuttle on the floor. Once when it fell she exclaimed she would marry the one who gave it back to her. At that very moment her dog Tumang, a demigod possessing magic powers, came up to her with the shuttle in his mouth. Dayang Sumbi had to marry him.
They lived happily together, and Dayang Sumbi gave birth to a baby boy, human in appearance but endowed with his father’s magic powers. She named him Sangkuriang. As the boy grew up, he was always guarded by the faithful dog Tumang, whom he knew only as a companion and not as his father, Sangkuriang became handsome and brave.
One day his mother asked him to go hunting with the dog and bring her venison for a feast. After hunting all day without success, Sangkuriang worried about facing his mother empty-handed. Desperate, he took an arrow and shot the dog. He returned home and handed over the meat to his pleased mother. Soon after the feast, however, Dayang Sumbi questioned her son about the absence of Tumang. At first he evaded her queries but finally told her what had happened. She was horrified and struck her son so hard on the temple that he collapsed. For that, the old king banished his daughter from the court and she was made to roam around the kingdom. Sangkuriang recovered with a large scar on his temple, and he left the court to wander about the world.
Years later, Sangkuriang met a beautiful woman and instantly fell in love with her. It was his own mother-they did not recognize each other. He proposed to her and she agreed to marry him. On the day before the wedding, as she was caressing her fiancée’s hair, Dayang Sumbi detected the scar on the temple. Horror struck her, for she was about to marry her own son, Sangkuriang. Without revealing the whole truth to him, she tried unsuccessfully to dissuade him. Desperate to avoid the marriage, she set conditions she thought impossible to meet. Sangkuriang had to make a lake that filled the whole valley and build a boat for the couple to sail in, all before dawn.
Sangkuriang started to work. His love gave him extraordinary strength, and he used his magic powers to summon the spirits to help him. With boulders and mud they dammed the river in the valley and the water rose and began to form a lake. In the early morning hours he chopped down a huge tree in the forest and began hollowing it out to make a boat. When Dayang Sumbi saw that he was about to accomplish what she has thought impossible, she called on the gods to bring the sun up early and thwart Sangkuriang.
The cock crowed, the sun rose much earlier than usual, and Sangkuriang realized he had been deceived. In a fit of fury he cursed Dayang Sumbi and kicked the half-finished boat back into the forest. There it lies upside down today, forming the mountain Tangkuban Perahu (Upturned Boat). Not far away is the stump of the tree Sangkuriang had felled, now called Bukit Tinggi. The dam Sangkuriang had built caused the valley to become a lake, where both Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi drowned themselves. They were never heard of again.
(Taken from All Around Bandung – Gottfrid Roelcke, Gary Crabb).

5. Making an Omelet
This is the way an omelet should be made. It is important that the frying-pan should be proportionate to the number of eggs; in other word, to the size of the omelet. The frying-pan must be made of iron not of aluminum, tin or enamel. And here I fell I must stress a point, essential to what might be called the background of omelet-making, namely that the frying-pan must never be washed with water but rubbed, when hot, with salt and tissue paper, as this is the only way to prevent sticking.
For three papers, we take six eggs, break them into a bowl, season them with salt and freshly ground pepper, and add a good teaspoonful of water. We beat this lightly with a fork or the wire-broom, not the whisk, until large bubbles from on the top. This takes half a minute; it is fatal to beat too long. Meanwhile, our frying-pan is getting hit, not too hot, and we drop in an ounce and a half of butter and best lard, over quick flame for a minute or two, until it gives no more froth and has turned light golden. We give our egg-mixture another stir and pour it into the fat, letting it spread evenly over the frying-pan.
All this is a swift business, and we may well feel a few extra hearts-beats and a little breathlessness at that moment. The flame is now turned down a little. With a fork or palette-knife (a fork seems to work particularly well) we loosen the edges of the omelet all round and, once or twice, in the middle, letting the liquid flow into the empty spaces, taking care always to move towards the middle.
This takes about two minutes. Then, keeping as calm as we possibly can, we fold it. This is easiest if we fold over and pin down with two or three fork-pricks about an inch and-a-half of the omelet along one side. Then it is quite easy to roll it into shape. Our omelet should be golden brown outside and wet inside: because, as is the classical French term. It is then slid on to a hot plate and its surface made shiny with a little butter. This last touch makes all the difference.

6. Five years ago, I had a girlfriend. We had been dating each other for years, since we were high school students. We loved each other.
Unfortunately, her parents never approved of our relationship ever since the very first time. My family, anyhow, didn’t really mind. At first, I thought my girlfriend had the power to defend our love. But then she surrounded. She loved me and her family too. Then she said to me, “I’ll be happy if my family is happy,” It meant she had to get approval from her parents.

7. The continuous heavy rain for three days had made Jakarta flooding. About 80% of its area is dipped with water. Here are some steps you could follow when you face the problem of flood.
 First save your valuable documents in the safest place in your house. It can be put on the top of cupboard or the space above the ceiling.
 Then you could also save your electronic on the higher place. If you have thick and large plastic bag, it’s a good idea to wrap the appliances with it and seal it.
 When the water has entered your house, don’t panic. Listen and do the instructions or announcement from the local government about what to do. You should consider about your family safety more than anything.
 If you should take a refugee, bring your most important documents with you. Don’t panics, but you should stay alert.

Once upon a time, there was an old woman who lived in a very old hut near a forest with her only daughter. The daughter’s name is Misna. She is beautiful but she had envious heart.
One day she saw girl of her age passing by her hut. The girl was joining her father hunting. She dressed in beautiful cloth. His father’s assistants respected her. Misna could not sleep when she was remembering this. She was very angry with her condition. She hated her hopeless mother.
In the morning she shouted at her mother. She wanted her mother to buy the most beautiful gown in the markets for her. Of course her mother could not afford it. Then she cried and cried. She did not want to eat anything. Her mother was very sad. She decided to sell a piece of land, the only valuable thing that she had. She bought her beloved daughter a very beautiful dress.
Misna admired herself. She wanted to show everybody that she was a very beautiful girl. She asked her mother to bring her to another village. Along the way, she smiled to everyone. People in the village thought that she was a princess. They gave her a high respect and invited her to have meal in their house. Misna enjoyed this and told everybody that she was princess and her mother was her maid. Her mother was very sad but she kept her felling deep in the heart.
On the way home Misna met a handsome prince. He was interested in her and wanted to marry her. Misna told the prince that her mother had died and father went married to another woman. She was having a long trip with her loyal maid. Listening to this, her mother was very upset. She cried loudly Misna was very angry to her and told her to be away from her.
Suddenly there was a heavy rain accompanied with big thunders. Everyone run away to save themselves. Misna was very afraid. She cried. Her mother wanted to help her but she did not want to, at that time a big thunder hit her to dead.

600 g shrimps, peeled
40 g straw mushrooms
1 stalk celery
2 slices carrot
1 cup broth

A. 1/4 teaspoon salt
1 egg white
1 tablespoon cornstarch
B. 1 teaspoon soy sauce
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil

1. First, chop up shrimps and add seasoning. Mix until pasty.
2. Then, cut mushrooms into pieces and celery into short lengths.
3. Roll shrimp mixture into balls.
4. Next, pour broth into pot and bring to boil.
5. Add shrimp balls and cook for 8 minutes.
6. Then, add straw mushrooms and carrot. When broth begins to boil again, add B seasoning.
7. Finally, serve it in a serving bowl.


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