DIRECTIONS: In this part of the test, each problem consists of an incomplete sentence. You should find one choice which is the best answer to complete the sentence.

  1. In general, _______  have a professional obligation to protect confidential sources of information.
    A.    which journalist
    B.    journalists
    C.    journalist, which
    D.    journalist they
    E.    journalist that
  2. That legal drinking age ________ lowered is a hot topic for debate in many states.
    A.    should have
    B.    which should
    C.    that should
    D.    should be
    E.    should
  3. A gifted scientist, Newton _________ some of the most fundamental laws in the history of science.
    A.    keeps discovering
    B.    discovering
    C.    who discovered
    D.    the discoverer of
    E.    discovered
  4. _______ getting the highest result in the class, John still had problems with the teacher.
    A.    Despite of
    B.    In spite
    C.    In spite of
    D.    Even though
    E.    Nonetheless
  5. I think Jane deserved to be fired for her________
    A.    totally behavior irresponsible
    B.    behavior totally irresponsible
    C.    irresponsible totally behavior
    D.    totally irresponsible behavior
    E.    behavior irresponsible totally
  6. Above-ground swimming pools have _____ the flexibility of being able to be moved from place but also the efficiency of using less water than standard in ground pools.
    A.    that
    B.    all
    C.    in addition
    D.    not only
    E.    either
  7. _______ explores the nature of guilt and responsibility and builds to a remarkable conclusion.
    A.    The written beautifully novel
    B.    The beautifully written novel
    C.    The novel beautifully written
    D.    The written novel beautifully
    E.    The beautifully novel written
  8. Maine’s coastline is a major attraction and a vista of sandy beaches contrasted _________ rockbound shoreline.
    A.    to the rugged
    B.    by the rugged
    C.    on the rugged
    D.    in the rugged
    E.    at the rugged
  9. Despite being basically arboreal in nature, Koalas _________ to inhabit a specific territory and range of some 30 square miles.
    A.    knowing
    B.    which know
    C.    that know
    D.    are knowing
    E.    are known
  10. Throughout the animal kingdom, _______ bigger than the elephant.
    A.    whale is only the
    B.    only the whale is
    C.    is the whale only
    D.    only whale is the
    E.    whale is the only
  11. Vegetables are excellent source ________ vitamins.
    A.    of
    B.    has
    C.    where
    D.    that
    E.    have
  12. It may help in __________ between their model of how the world works at the subatomic level and Einstein’s theory of gravity.
    A.    resolving contradicts
    B.    resolving contradictions
    C.    resolve contradictions
    D.    resolved contradictions
    E.    resolves contradictions
  13. Xavier Philippe will often spend his evenings __________ upside-down from the ceiling in his room.
    A.    which hanging
    B.    that are
    C.    hanging
    D.    hangs
    E.    hang
  14. _________ Boston Harbor now, with its dolphins and seals, you would find it hard to believe how polluted it was just a few years ago.
    A.    Seen
    B.    It sees
    C.    Sees
    D.    Seeing
    E.    Is seeing
  15. The closer we ________ to our trip to Boston the more excited  my students become.
    A.    are
    B.    have
    C.    has
    D.    the
    E.    it has
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Each problem in this part of the test consists of a sentence in which one word or phrase has been underlined. From the five choices given, you should choose the one word or phrase which could be substituted for the underlined word or phrase without changing the meaning of the sentence. Mark your choice on the answer sheet.
Both boats and trains are used for transporting the materials.
A.    Planes
B.    Ships
C.    Canoes
D.    Railroads
E.    Cars
The best answer is (B)

  1. The new accounts offered by the bank are compounded semi-annually.
    A.    Every year
    B.    Every six months
    C.    Every two years
    D.    Every half
    E.    Every six years
  2. The conference is governed by its newly elected board.
    A.    ruled
    B.    chosen
    C.    advised
    D.    watched
    E.    influenced
  3. According to scientists, it is possible that another Ice Age will soon be upon us.
    A.    someday
    B.    now
    C.    in the near future
    D.    undoubtedly
    E.    in the past time
  4. The young cancer victim was the most cheerful and most outgoing on the ward.
    A.    frankest
    B.    lightest
    C.    loudest
    D.    happiest
    E.    happiness
  5. The members of the committee were assembled quickly.
    A.    advised
    B.    informed
    C.    gathered
    D.    consulted
    E.    joined
  6. The solution should be applied, left on thirty minutes, and rinsed thoroughly.
    A.    completely
    B.    periodically
    C.    roughly
    D.    safely
    E.    carefully
  7. The first recognized Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C.
    A.    celebrated
    B.    viewed
    C.    cheered
    D.    ignored
    E.    acknowledged
  8. Written divorce regulations first appeared in the legal code of ancient Babylonia.
    A.    rules
    B.    outlines
    C.    regularities
    D.    specifics
    E.    usual
  9. The speed of light is considered by scientist to be fundamental constant.
    A.    contradictory
    B.    basic
    C.    necessary
    D.    well-known
    E.    changes
  10. Although cheetah can achieve a speed of 110 kilometers per hour, it can maintain this speed for only a few hundred meters.
    A.    race at
    B.    bypass
    C.    uphold
    D.    attain
    E.    receive

    PART B
    DIRECTIONS: In the rest of this test you will read several passages. Each one is followed by several questions about it. You have to choose the best answer to each question.
    Read the following passage:
    John Quincy Adams, who served as the sixth president of the United States from 1825 to 1829, is today recognized for his masterful statesmanship and diplomacy. He dedicated his life to public service, both in the presidency and in the various other political offices he held. Throughout his political career he demonstrated his unswerving belief in freedom of speech, the anti-slavery cause, and the right of Americans to be free from European and Asian domination.
    To what did John Quincy Adams devote his life?
    A.    Improving his personal life.
    B.    Serving the public.
    C.    Increasing his fortune.
    D.    Working on his private business.
    E.    Serving the president.
    According to the passage, John Quincy Adams “dedicated his life to public service.” Therefore, you should choose answer (B).

    Questions 11-16
    The next famous woman writer to be considered is Dorothy Parker, an American poet, short story writer, and literacy critic who became famous in the early twentieth century for her witty but cynical observations on life. She got her first paying job as a writer in 1916 at the age of twenty-three when she began working for a women’s magazine, and nine years later she became a contributor to The New Yorker and regularly had her book reviews appear in “Constant Reader,” a column in that magazine.
    In addition to her magazine work, she published volumes of poetry and short stories with the recurrent themes of disappointment with life and the loss of idealism; these pessimistic themes, however, were presented with biting wit. One of her most famous observations, “Men seldom make passes/At girls who wear glasses,” came from the poem “News Item,” which was published in the volume Enough Rope (1926). This volume of poetry was followed by the Sunset Gun (1928), Death and Taxes (1931), and a collection of short stories, Here Lies (1939). Her book reviews were published in 1970 in a volume entitled “Constant Reader”.

  11. .    What topic does the paragraph preceding the passage most likely discuss?
    A.    Dorothy Parker’s early childhood.
    B.    American literature of the nineteenth century.
    C.    An introduction to literary criticism.
    D.    A well-known female author other than Dorothy Parker.
    E.    An introduction to magazine work.
  12. According to the passage, Dorothy Parker was NOT famous for
    A.    poetry
    B.    humor
    C.    book reviews
    D.    autobiography
    E.    short stories
  13. The word “pessimistic” in paragraph two, first sentence, is closest in meaning to
    A.    negative
    B.    impractical
    C.    forgotten
    D.    unattained
    E.    positive
  14. Dorothy Parker’s first job was
    A.    for a women’s magazine
    B.    as a literary critic
    C.    for The New Yorker
    D.    as a short story writer
    E.    as an actress
  15. In what year did “News Item” appear?
    A.    1916
    B.    1926
    C.    1928
    D.    1931
    E.    1939
  16. The expression “biting wit” in the second paragraph could be best replaced by which of the following?
    A.    Intelligence
    B.    Sadness
    C.    Sharp humor
    D.    Hunger
    E.    Happiness
    Questions 17-18
    Fort Knox, Kentucky, is the site of a U.S. army post, but it is even more renowned for the Fort Knox Bullion Depository, the massive vault that contains the bulk of the U.S. government’s gold deposits. Completed in 1936, the vault is housed in a two-story building constructed of granite, steel, and concrete; the vault itself is made of steel and concrete and has a door that weighs more than twenty tons. Naturally, the most up-to-date security devices available are in place at Fort Knox, and the army post nearby provides further protection.
  17. Which of the following best describes the topic of the passage?
    A.    The city of Fort Knox, Kentucky
    B.    The federal gold depository
    C.    The U.S. army post at Fort Knox
    D.    Gold bullion
    E.    A two-story building
  18. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?
    A.    The Massive Concrete Vault
    B.    Fort Knox Security
    C.    Where the U.S. Keeps Its Gold
    D.    A Visit to Kentucky
    E.    The Site of a U.S. Army Post
    Questions 19 to 20
    IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is defined as the ratio of a person’s mental age to chronological age, with the ratio multiplied by 100 to remove the decimal. Chronological age is easily determined; mental age is generally measured by some kind of standard test and is not so simple to define.
    In theory, a standardized IQ test is set up to measure an individual’s ability to perform intellectual operations such as reasoning and problem solving. These intellectual operations are considered to represent intelligence.
    In practice, it has been impossible to arrive at consensus as to which types of intellectual operations demonstrate intelligence. Furthermore, it has been impossible to devise a test without cultural bias, which is to say that any IQ tests so far proposed have been shown to reflect the culture of the test markers. Test takers from that culture would, it follows, score higher on such a test than the takers from a different culture with equal intelligence.
  19. What type of information is included in the first paragraph?
    A.    An argument
    B.     A definition
    C.    An opinion
    D.    A theory
    E.    A myth
  20. How does the information in the third paragraph differ from that in the second paragraph?
    A.    It presents a contrasting point of view.
    B.    It follows chronologically from the ideas in the second paragraph.
    C.    It presents real information rather than a premise.
    D.    It presents an example of the ideas in the second paragraph.
    E.    It presents a theory.
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