DIRECTIONS: In this part of the test, each problem consists of an incomplete sentence. You should find one choice which is the best answer to complete the sentence.

  1. _______ have captured the spirit of the conquest of America as well as James Fenimore Cooper.
    a.    few writers
    b.    the few writers
    c.    the writers are few
    d.    few are the writers
    e.    the writers are few
  2. The sport of hang gliding _____ by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    a.    regulated it
    b.    is regulated
    c.    are regulated
    d.    that was regulated
    e.    that it was regulated
  3. _____, the outer layer of the skin contains pigments, pores, and ducts.
    a.    that the epidermis
    b.    the epidermis is
    c.    the epidermis
    d.    the epidermis which
    e.    the epidermis are
  4. ______ a parliamentary system, the prime minister must be appointed on the bsis of the distribution of power in the parliament.
    a.    the considered
    b.    to be considered
    c.    consider
    d.    considers
    e.    considering
  5. A telephone recording tells callers____
    a.    what does the time movie start
    b.    what time the movie starts
    c.    what time does the movie start
    d.    the movie starts what time
  6. George Washington Carver _____ international fame for revolutionizing agriculture research in the southern United States during the early twentieth century.
    a.    won
    b.    winning’
    c.    who has won
    d.    the winner of
    e.    had won
  7. The planet Venus is almost exactly the same size and mass _____ Earth, with a similar interior including a nickel-iron core.
    a.    to
    b.    as
    c.    is
    d.    than
    e.    with
  8. Appointments to the United States Supreme Court and all lower federal courts ____ be the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.
    a.    making
    b.    to make
    c.    are made
    d.    have made
    e.    is made
  9. The name “squirrel” is commonly used for those forms of the family Sciuridae that live in trees, ____ it is equally accurate for ground dwelling types.
    a.    whether
    b.    that
    c.    although
    d.    in spite of
    e.    despite of
  10. ____ important development of the Neolithic age was not in the manufacture of stone tools but in the production of food.
    a.    the most
    b.    most
    c.    most of
    d.    of the most
    e.    mostly
  11. The seed heads of teasel plants raise the nap on coarse tweed cloth _____ than do the machine tools invented to replace them.
    a.    more efficiently
    b.    efficiently
    c.    more efficient
    d.    most efficient
    e.    efficient
  12. ____ my students become, the closer we are to our trip to Boston.
    a.    the more excited
    b.    the most excited
    c.    excited
    d.    are excited
    e.    to be excited
  13. It costs about sixty dollars to have a tooth ______
    a.    filling
    b.    to fill
    c.    filled
    d.    fill
    e.    fills
  14. To answer accurately is more important than ____
    a.    a quick finish
    b.    to finish quickly
    c.    finishing quickly
    d.    you finish quickly
    e.    quickly you finish
  15. Unlike the earth, which rotates once every twenty-four hours, ______ once every ten hours.
    a.    the rotation of Jupiter
    b.    the occurrence of Jupiter’s rotation
    c.    Jupiter rotates
    d.    Jupiter’s rotating
    e.    Rotating Jupiter
    I.    Structure and Written Expression
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Each problem in this part of the test consists of a sentence in which one word or phrase has been underlined. From the five choices given, you should choose the one word or phrase which could be substituted for the underlined word or phrase without changing the meaning of the sentence. Mark your choice on the answer sheet.
Both boats and trains are used for transporting the materials.
A.    Planes
B.    Ships
C.    Canoes
D.    Railroads
E.    Cars
The best answer is (B)

  1. Although salamanders are sometimes mistaken for lizards, the two are not related.
    A.    from the same family
    B.    the same size
    C.    of similar appearance
    D.    attached
    E.    from the same kingdom
  2. Approximately half of American high school graduates enroll in institutions of higher learning.
    A.    buildings
    B.    establishments
    C.    companies
    D.    incidences
    E.    houses
  3. No one knows exactly how many Pacific islands there are, but geographers estimate that there are up to 30,000.
    A.    to the point
    B.    approximately
    C.    appropriately
    D.    certainly
    E.    precisely
  4. A literary award has been established to honor Laura Ingalls Wilder.
    A.    authorize
    B.    please
    C.    recognize
    D.    vilify
    E.    appreciate
  5. The largest cactus in the United States is the saguaro cactus, found in the areas surrounding the Gulf of California.
    A.    around
    B.    across
    C.    within
    D.    near
    E.    among
  6. The meat must be chopped before it can be used in that recipe.
    A.    stewed
    B.    bought
    C.    cooked
    D.    cut
    E.    sliced
  7. The wagon master decided to ford the stream.
    A.    valley
    B.    small river
    C.    big river
    D.    mountain
    E.    plain
  8. From Pavlov’s work on conditioned responses in dogs came the stimulus-response theory of behavior.
    A.    thought
    B.    philosophy
    C.    feelings
    D.    conduct
    E.    habit
  9. Halley’s Comet traveled past the Pleiades, a star cluster also known as the Seven Sisters.
    A.    sign
    B.    group
    C.    entity
    D.    projectile
    E.    team
  10. When heated to temperatures above 1250 degrees Centigrade, clay fuses and becomes pottery or stoneware.
    A.    burns off
    B.    steams up
    C.    melts together
    D.    decays
    E.    combines

    PART B
    DIRECTIONS: In the rest of this test you will read several passages. Each one is followed by several questions about it. You have to choose the best answer to each question.
    Read the following passage:
    John Quincy Adams, who served as the sixth president of the United States from 1825 to 1829, is today recognized for his masterful statesmanship and diplomacy. He dedicated his life to public service, both in the presidency and in the various other political offices he held. Throughout his political career he demonstrated his unswerving belief in freedom of speech, the anti-slavery cause, and the right of Americans to be free from European and Asian domination.
    To what did John Quincy Adams devote his life?
    A.    Improving his personal life.
    B.    Serving the public.
    C.    Increasing his fortune.
    D.    Working on his private business.
    E.    Serving the president.
    According to the passage, John Quincy Adams “dedicated his life to public service.” Therefore, you should choose answer (B).
    Questions 11-14
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA), formed during the Great Depression as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal, was created with the express intent of putting to work as many as possible of the more than 10 million unemployed in the United States. One of the more controversial programs of the WPA was the Federal Arts Project, a program to employ artist full-time at such task as painting murals in libraries, theaters, train stations, and airports: teaching various techniques of art; and preparing a comprehensive study of American crafts. Criticism of the program centered on what was perceived as the frivolity of supporting the arts at a time when millions were starving, industry was sagging, farms were barren, and all that could flourish was bankruptcy courts and soup kitchens.

  11. This passage mainly discusses
    A.    The Great Depression
    B.    Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal
    C.    The Federal Arts Projects
    D.    Bankruptcy courts and soup kitchens
    E.    The Roosevelt’s New Deal
  12. According to the passage, the stated purpose of the WPA was to
    A.    create new American masterpieces
    B.    raise the standard of American art
    C.    introduce new art techniques to the American public
    D.    decrease unemployment
    E.    supports the art
  13. All the following probably helped to make the Federal Arts Projects controversial EXCEPT that
    A.    The Federal Arts Project employed many who would otherwise have been out of work
    B.    Trains and airports were decorated with murals
    C.    The Federal Arts Project commissioned art works during the Depression
    D.    A tremendous study of American crafts was produced
    E.    Teaching various techniques of art
  14. When the author states that “…all that could flourish was bankruptcy courts and soup kitchens,” he probably means that
    A.    Banks and  restaurants did well during the Depression
    B.    The poor could not afford to use banks or eat soup
    C.    Many restaurants declared bankruptcy during the Depression
    D.    The only organizations to thrive were those that dealt with the poor
    E.    The poor certainly could not afford to use banks or eat soup

    Questions 15 to 20
    During the nineteenth century, women in the United States organized and participated in a large number of reform movements, including movements to reorganize the prison system, improve education, ban the sale of alcohol, and most importantly, to free the slaves. Some women saw similarities in the social status of women and slaves. Women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone were feminists and abolitionists who supported the rights of both women and blacks. A number of male abolitionists, including William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Philips, also supported the rights of women to speak and participate equally with men in antislavery activities. Probably more than any other movement, abolitionism offered women a previously denied entry into politics. They became involved primarily in order to better living conditions and the conditions of other.
    When the Civil War ended in 1865, the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution adopted in 1868 and 1870 granted citizenship and suffrage to blacks but not to women. Discouraged but resolved, feminists influenced more and more women to demand the right to vote. In 1869, the Wyoming Territory had yielded to demands by feminists, but eastern states resisted more stubbornly than before. A women’s suffrage bill had been presented to every Congress since 1878 but it continually failed to pass until 1920, when the Nineteenth Amendment granted women the right to vote.

  15. With what topic is the passage primarily concerned?
    A.    The Wyoming Territory
    B.    The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments
    C.    Abolitionists
    D.    Women’s suffrage
    E.    Men’s suffrage
  16. The word ban in paragraph one  most nearly means to
    A.    encourage
    B.    publish
    C.    prohibit
    D.    limit
    E.    permit
  17. According to the passage, why did women become active in politics?
    A.    To improve the conditions of life that existed at the time
    B.    To support Elizabeth Cady Stanton for president
    C.    To be elected to be public office
    D.    To amend Declaration of Independence
    E.    To demand the right to vote
  18. The word “suffrage” in paragraph two could be best replaced by which of the following?
    A.    pain
    B.    citizenship
    C.    freedom from bondage
    D.    the right to vote
    E.    sadness
  19. What does the Nineteenth Amendment guarantee?
    A.    Voting right for blacks
    B.    Citizenship for blacks
    C.    Voting rights for women
    D.    Citizenship for women
    E.    Voting rights for whites
  20. When were women allowed to vote throughout the United States?
    A.    After 1866
    B.    After 1870
    C.    After 1976
    D.    After 1878
    E.    After 1920

    II.    Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

    Part A
    1.    A
    2.    B
    3.    E
    4.    C
    5.    A
    6.    D
    7.    B
    8.    D
    9.    B
    10.    C
    Part B
    11.    C
    12.    D
    13.    A
    14.    D
    15.    D
    16.    C
    17.    A
    18.    D
    19.    C
    10.    E

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