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TAHUN 2011

Mata Pelajaran    :    Bahasa Inggris    Kelas/Jurusan    :    X/Pemasaran
Hari/Tanggal    :    …………,…….  Desember 2011    Alokasi Waktu    :    120 Menit

1.    Isikan Identitas Anda kedalam lembar jawaban yang telah tersedia
2.    Periksa dan bacalah SOAL SOAL sebelum Anda menjawabnya
3.    Selesaikan SOAL jawaban sesuai dengan perintah dan gunakanlah bollpoint/pulpen hitam/biru
4.    Dahulukan jawab SOAL SOAL yang diannggap  mudah
5.    laporkan kepada Pengawas apabila terdapat lembar SOAL yang kurang jelas, rusak atau tidak lengkap
6.    Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas bila diperlukan
7.    Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas

Choose the correct answer by crossing  a,b,c d or e  !

  1. When she arrives  at  school 6.45 am, Atty greets her teacher by saying ….
    a.    Good morning
    b.    Good night
    c.    Good afternoon
    d.    Hello
    e.    Good bye
  2. A    : How are John and Harry?
    B    : They … .Thank you
    a.    Is fine
    b.    Not well
    c.    See you
    d.    Are fine
    e.    Will fine
  3. The shoes are fairly new … are in good condition.
    a.    They
    b.    Their
    c.    Them
    d.    Theirs
    e.    it
  4. Both of my brother and I refused to sign the petition, nobody could  force ….
    a.    Him
    b.    Them
    c.    Me
    d.    Us
    e.    You
  5. Mr. Ridwan    : I really … for disturbing you.
    Mrs Rika     : It’s Ok
    a.    Sorry
    b.    Fine
    c.    apologized
    d.    That’s nice
    e.    Kind of you
  6. Jaka        : I’d like some chocolate ice  cream , please?
    Waitress    : …., we haven’t  got any chocolate left.
    a.    I already order Miss
    b.    Please go ahead
    c.    I’m sorry Miss
    d.    I’ve served
    e.    I have chocolate
  7. A    : Let me introduce  my self. I am Rika, I  am….
    B    : How do you Rika?
    a.    Sixteen years old
    b.    Oh, yes
    c.    Thank you
    d.    Hello
    e.    Hi
  8. Riski    : Rita, … My friend Budi. Rita    : How do you do.
    Budi    : How do you do.
    a.    Nice to meet you
    b.    I’d like to visit you
    c.    I’d like to meet you
    d.    Nice to meet him
    e.    I’d like to introduce
  9. Yuni served delicious dinner to her guest, Anita.
    Anita    : Thank you for the delicious dinner, Yuni.
    Yuni    : ….
    a.    I’m  very hungry  too
    b.    Don’t  eat  too  much
    c.    It’s my pleasure
    d.    When will you invite me
    e.    Yes, I’m
  10. X    : I’ll always be … to you for what  you have done
    Y    : Don’t mention it
    a.    Thanks
    b.    Thankless
    c.    Thank full
    d.    Thank giving
    e.    Thank you
  11. They always … late in the morning. His mother is always angry with him.
    a.    Waken up
    b.    Worked out
    c.    Woke up
    d.    Woke up
    e.    Wakes up
  12. Riri    : Raka, Diana… not here at the moment.
    Raka    : I see.
    a.    Is
    b.    Do
    c.    Be
    d.    Am
    e.    does
  13. A    : Where is your class room located?
    B    : It’s at the …. Of our school building.
    a.    Beside
    b.    First floor
    c.    Second
    d.    Inside
    e.    outside
  14. A    : What is the second day of the week?
    B    : It is ….
    a.    Sunday
    b.    Monday
    c.    Tuesday
    d.    Friday
    e.    Saturday
  15. Anthony is American, he speaks ….
    a.    Dutch
    b.    English
    c.    Malaysian
    d.    French
    e.    Japanese
  16. Mr. Suryana is from Bogor. His country is …. And his language in  Indonesian.
    a.    China
    b.    Japan
    c.    Singapore
    d.    Indonesia
    e.    London
  17. Ali    : Hi, Rika where do you work?
    Rika    : I work in the hospital, I always examine the patients.
    Ali    : So, you are … aren’t  you?
    a.    Nurse
    b.    Baby sister
    c.    Driver
    d.    Mechanic
    e.    Doctor
  18. Rima    : Rob, how does Andy’s painting look like?
    Roby    : wow ….
    a.    It’s given to my  mother
    b.    I will sell it next week
    c.    The painting is bad
    d.    It is inside the room
    e.    It’s beautiful and expensive
  19. Manager    : Riska, what is your new secretary look like?
    Riska        : ….
    a.    I put it on the table
    b.    They can’t keep  a secret
    c.    She’s very efficient
    d.    She is typing letter
    e.    She is busy to meet
  20. The SMK students wearing grey skirt and …  blouse.
    a.    White
    b.    Blue
    c.    Brown
    d.    Pink
    e.    purple
  21. The shape of a coin is …..
    a.    Triangle
    b.    Round
    c.    Rectangle
    d.    Circle
    e.    crescent
  22. The size of elephant is ….
    a.    Long
    b.    Small
    c.    Thin
    d.    Big
    e.    Light
  23. The shape of … is cylinder.
    a.    Ball
    b.    Table
    c.    Book
    d.    Pipe
    e.    Coin
  24. The antonym of these words;  beautiful, tall,  and slim are …
    a.    Handsome, tall, slim
    b.    Slim, ugly, good
    c.    Bad, beautiful, fat
    d.    Fat, tall, short
    e.    Ugly,  short, fat
  25. Andi is a good person, he always kind to everybody.  The synonym of  “good” is ….
    a.    Nice
    b.    Fine
    c.    Bad
    d.    Naughty
    e.    spoil
  26. Teacher : Siska, do you know the celebration of independence day?
    Siska       : I know, it is on ….
    a.    17th August
    b.    In August
    c.    17th October
    d.    22nd December
    e.    10th November
  27. How do you say in English 200. 523?
    a.    Two hundred thousand and five hundred twenty three.
    b.    Two zero zero five thousand two three.
    c.    Two hundred thousand five hundred twenty five
    d.    Two thousand hundred
    e.    Five hundred and twenty three
  28. X    : ….
    Y    : No, she is short, she is only 140 centimeter high.
    a.    Is she your sister?
    b.    Is your sister tall?
    c.    Where is your sister?
    d.    How is your sister
    e.    May I know your sister?
  29. X    : …. Do you wear in shoes?
    Y    : It’s 40
    a.    What shape
    b.    What size
    c.    What material
    d.    What color
    e.    What is made of
  30. X    : thank you for call me.
    a    b
    Y    : Don’t say that. I just want to know your condition.
    C                d                     e
  31. X    : Do you know that man?
    a               b
    Y    : Yes, I know her but I can’t remember his name.
    c              d             e
  32. Dani    : Hi, Ebiet. This are Nani, my sister
    a                       b                  c
    Ebiet    :Nice to meet you.
    d             e
  33. I have five childs and all of them are boys.
    a       b                c                 d       e
  34. Gerald is from French, he can speak English well.
    a                  b                      c           d         e
  35. I’m very tired. I couldn’t sleep good last night.
    a               b           c              d           e

 Question no 1-5
The museum of Technology is a hands on museum, designed for people to experience science at work. Visitors are encouraged to use, test, and handle the objects on display. Special demonstrations are scheduled for first  and second. Wednesday at each month at 13.30. Open Tuesday – Friday 12.00 – 16.30, Saturday 10.00 – 17.30, and Sunday 11.00 – 16.30.

  1. There are the following things the visitors can do, except ….
    a.    To use the objects on display.
    b.    To test the objects on display
    c.    To special demonstration
    d.    To create their own objects on display
    e.    To special demonstration
  2. When can the visitor is the museum on Thursday?
    a.    At 13.30-17.30
    b.    At 13.30
    c.    At 10.00-17.30
    d.    At 12.00-1630
    e.    At 11.00-13.30
  3. Why was the museum of technology built?
    a.    To give amusement
    b.    To show the development of art
    c.    To experience science at work
    d.    To control the man’s behavior
    e.    To handle the objects on display
  4. When can the visitors see the special demonstration?
    a.    Everyday
    b.    Every weekend
    c.    Every Sunday
    d.    The first and second Wednesday
    e.    At 12.00-16.30
  5. These are the days that visitors can go to the museum, except ….
    a.    Tuesday
    b.    Friday
    c.    Sunday
    d.    Monday
    e.    Everyday
  6. Sasi    : I lost my luggage at the airport yesterday.
    Udin    : ….
    a.    So sad
    b.    Pardon me?
    c.    Cool !
    d.    Wow, fantastic
    e.    I’m sorry to hear that
  7. Bisma    : Could you help me solve this math problem?
    Fajri    : …. You should do it by yourself.
    a.    Horrible
    b.    That’s awesome
    c.    Pity me
    d.    I’m sorry
    e.    I’m afraid I can’t
  8. X    : Would you be so kind to … this window for me?
    Y    : All right.
    X    : Thanks
    a.    Opening
    b.    Opened
    c.    Opens
    d.    To open
    e.    Open
  9. Would you mind …. Me a push? My car has stalled.
    a.    Pushing
    b.    To push
    c.    Pushed
    d.    Push
    e.    Pushes
  10. The following sentences express command, except ….
    a.    Where can I put this book?
    b.    Would you mind ironing my cloth?
    c.    Please, pick me up before 07.00, will you?
    d.    Would you please tell him that I’m here?
    e.    Sweep the floor, will you please.
  11. A    : Is Lia very … today?
    B    : Yes, of course. She gets good marks for her test?
    a.    Happy
    b.    Sick
    c.    Disappointed
    d.    Sad
    e.    Confuse
    Read the following advertisement! Question 47- 50
    Save more than 35%
    On a super soft 100% cotton cardigan.
    A great addition to any wardrobe.
    Machine wash and dry.
    Available in the following colors: white, lemon yellow, lime green, and orange.
    Original price $ 38: now a great deal
    At $ 24.00!
  12. What was it made?
    a.    Catton
    b.    Silk
    c.    Wood
    d.    Glass
    e.    Metal
  13. What is the sale price?
    a.    $ 38.00
    b.    $ 50.00
    c.    $ 24.00
    d.    $ 25.00
    e.    $ 35.00
  14. What is being advertised?
    a.    Washing machine
    b.    Fruit
    c.    Bed
    d.    Clothing
    e.    Dress
  15. The customer can find the item in the following colors, except ….
    a.    Magenta
    b.    Lemon yellow
    c.    White
    d.    Red
    e.    Orange
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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10


Sanitation at Home

A home is a place where people cook, eat sleep and look after their children. It protects people from harsh weather – cold, rain, wind, the burning rays of the sun-as well as from insects, animals and other dangers, so a home is a very important place for people to live.
Sanitation at home is important. People can do a lot about improving some of their living conditions in which they live. They should refrigerate food properly or store

it carefully to keep it away from bacteria, and they should not leave food lying around because it may attract insects and rats. To Avoid these pests, proper care of garbage is also very important.
Careful housekeeping is extremely important to sanitation and food health. People should keep all parts of the house neat and clean by sweeping and mopping them, such as bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. They should tidy up the bedroom, scrub bathroom and kitchen often, and use disinfectants freely. Sanitary condition of a house protects people from germs but health problems not caused by germs are a growing challenge in the field of sanitation today.

  1. The author is primarily concerned with describing …
    A.    the importance of having a good home
    B.    how people should keep their house tidy
    C.    the ways people should obey to have good sanitation
    D.    the danger of leaving their meal open
    E.    the diseases derive from garbage
  2. According to the author …
    A.    house is the most important thing to have
    B.    people should store their meal in refrigerator
    C.    people should be aware of getting bad environment
    D.    flies, rats, ants and many other insects need our protection
    E.    keeping the environment healthy is the most important thing to do
  3. Which one of the words below has similar meaning to sanitary ?
    A.    dirty
    B.    soiled
    C.    waste
    D.    health
    E.    clean
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