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October 23rd, 2013 Kumpulan Soal STAN


Contoh Soal
KOSAKATA (Nomor 1 – 6)
A.  tidak langsung
B.  bisikan hati
C.  pertimbangan pikiran
D.  pendekatan individu

A.  yang utama
B.  dapat dipercaya
C.  bersifat rahasia
D.  bersifat bijaksana

A.  kode etik
B.  tata tertib
C.  rencana kerja
D.  anggaran dasar

A.  melebihi jangkauan
B.  bersifat komplek
C.  keunggulan tertinggi
D.  hal pengangkatan

A.  proses pengulangan
B.  proses penyembuhan
C.  proses penyelesaian perselisihan
D.  proses perdamaian yang melibatkan pihak ketiga

A.  beraneka ragam
B.  berhubungan
C.  tarik menarik
D.  keindahan

SINONIM (Nomor 7 – 11)
A.  Penyilangan
B.  Penjaringan
C. unggulan
D. penyuburan

8.  GITA
A.  Lagu
B.  Merdu
D. musik
C. indah

A.  Pengembalian
B.  Pemberitahuan
C. pengakuan
D. tuntutan

A.  Ruang
B.  Labirin
C. dalam
D. panjang

11.  RANAH
A.  Asal    C. kampung
B.  Tanah    D. domain

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July 13th, 2013 Kumpulan Soal STAN



(Nomor 141 s.d. 180)

Untuk bagian ini, jawaban yang benar kurang dari 1/3 jumlah SOAL (kurang dari 14) berarti nilai mati

The Hollywood sign in the hills that line the northern border of Los Angeles is a famous landmark recognized the world over. The white-painted, 50-foot-high, sheet metal letters can be seen from great distances across the Los Angeles basin.

The sign was not constructed, as one might suppose, by the movie business as a means of celebrating the importance of Hollywood to this industry ; instead, it was first constructed in 1923 as a means of advertising homes for sale in a 500-acre housing subdivision in a part of Loa Angeles called “Hollywood” The sign that was constructed at the time, of course, said “Hollywood”. Over the years, people began referring to the area by the shortened version “Hollywood” and after the sign and its site were donated to the city in 1945, the last four letters were removed.

The sign suppered from years of disrepair, and in 1973 it needed to be completely replaced, at a cost of $ 27,700 per letter. Various celebrities were instrumental in helping to raise needed funds. Rock star Alice Cooper, for for Example, bought “O” in memory of Groucho Marx, and hugh Hefner of playboy fame held a benefit party to raise the money for the “Y”. the construction of the new sign was finaly completed in 1978.

141.    What is the topic of this passage ?

a.    Hollywood versus Hollywoodland
b.    A famous sign
c.    A famous city
d.    Woeld landmarks

142.    The expression “the world over” in line 3 could be best replaced by ……………

a.    in the skies
b.    in the northern parts of the world
c.    ontop of the world
d.    in the entrie world

143.    It can be inferred from the passage that most people think that the Hollywood sign was first constructed by ………

a.    the city of los Angeles
b.    an advertising company
c.    the movie industry
d.    a construction company

144.    The pronoun “it” in line 8 refers to ………………

a.    this industry
b.    the sign
c.    the movie business
d.    the importance of Hollywood

145.    Which of the following is NOT mentioned about Hollywood ?

a.    It was the most expensive area of Los Angeles
b.    It used to be the name of an area of Los Angeles
c.    It was formerly the name on the sign in the hills.
d.    There were houses for sale there


146.    If something has never happened before, it is …….

a.    unprecedented
b.    reconvene
c.    contradict
d.    inscription

147.    Water that is underground is in a (n) ………..location

a.    circumscribe
b.    convocation
c.    subterranean
d.    graphology

148.    To write or place a limit around something is to …

a.    visualize
b.    circumscribe
c.    convocation
d.    revise

149.    if you see something that is not out of the ordinary, it is …..

a.    mismatched
b.    introvert
c.    unspectacular
d.    inscription

150.    If you are not careful in making decisions or in expressing opinions, you are ……

a.    unprecedented
b.    extrovert
c.    introspective
d.    injudicious

151.    I am trying to ….the the place you are describing ; I would like to see it in my mind

a.    visualize
b.    revise
c.    submit
d.    reconvene

152.    The Merger of the two companies was funded by a …..

a.    capital
b.    capitalist
c.    capitalism
d.    capitalize

153.    The student did not do well in the class because he had a problem with ……

a.    absentia
b.    absent
c.    absently
d.    absenteeism

May 27, 2006, was a day that I will never forget, it was the day I experienced my first earthquake. I had just…(154) home from masque and was lying on the living room sofa watching the news on TV. My little brother was in my room playing, and my older sister was in the kitchen preparing our breakfast our parents were still sleeping.

At exactly 5.49 a.m., the earthquake…(155)….my  country. Our house started …..(156)….violently as it ….(157)…a small wooden boat being tossed by giant waves in the ocean. At first, none realized what was happening. Then my sister yelled, “Earthquakel Get under something!” I was too stunned to move, but the shaking was so strong that I soon fell off the sofa onto the floor. I half rolled, half crawled across the floor to the dining table and got under it. My sister was sitting on the floor in the kitchen. Holding her arms…(158)…her head to protect it from falling dishes. She yelled at my little brother to get under his desk, but he wanted to be near us. He tried to get out of my room, but he kept falling down. The earthquake lasted less than a minute, but it seemed like a year to us.

154.    a. getting
b. gotten
c. got
d. get

155.a. stricked
b. striking
c. strike
d. struck

156.a. sheking
b. to shake
c. shaken
d. a and b are correct

157.a. was
b. were
c. is
d. had been

158.  a. through
b. over
c. on
d. in

159.   All of my time ….in the library

a. has spending
b. is spent
c. are spent
d. spending

160.  “Tokyo is crowded and noisy just like New    York.”

The same structure with the sentence above is …

a. Tokyo is crowded and noisy just us New York is.
b. Tokyo is crowded and noisy alike New York
c. Tokyo is crowded and noisy just us New York
d. Tokyo is crowded and noisy as New York

161.  I started school when I was five years old. I …a student for seventeen years now.

a. am to be
b. am
c. am being
d. have been

162.    I was scared, ……I was also curious about the old lady.

a. yet
b. but
c. instead
d. and

163.    Because the river ….steadily since Sunday, the residents of the area have been advised to prepare for flood conditions.

a. has been ris
b. rose
c. had risen
d.  is rising

164.    The best diamonds are transparent and colorless, but they actually … color from clear to black,

a. have been ranging
b. range
c. are ranging
d. ranged

165.    …..certain molds and fungi to multiply very rapidly

a. Tripical weather causes
b. A tropical weather causes
c. Tropical weather causes
d. The tropical weather causes

166.    No one knowa where Tony is living now. The last time that I ran ….was about four years ago.

a. into him
b. him down
c. down him
d. him into

167.    It is generally considered unwise to give a child …he or she wants.

a. whatever that
b. whatever is it
c. whatever
d. that

168     Response : I used to, but I resigned my membership

a. wouldn’t you have belonged to the English club ?
b. Didn’t you use to belong to the English Club ?
c. Wouldn’t you belong to the English club /
d. Won’t you belong to the English club ?

169.    The proposal ….discussed when I called the office this morning

a. been
b. being
c. have been
d. was being

170.    Armansyah seems …the point you were making.
a. misunderstanding
b. having misunderstood
c. to have misunderstood
d. misunderstood

171.    Not only ……a good thing : he did the right thing
a. will sam do
b. Sam did
c. Sam do
d. Did Sam do

172.    Soekarno, … of the strongest Indonesian President, served from 1945 to 1965.
a. considering
b. considered
c. is considered
d was considered

173.    In the view of the STAN lecturers’union, it is essential that discipline …..maintained in the classroom.
a. is to be
b. is
c. was
d. be

174.    Ditto …Indonesia before he came to Jakarta to study in the international student program.

a. had never visited

b. has never visited

c. never visited

d. would never visited

175.    Thomas Alfa Edison invented …..

a. the electric lights

b. an electric light

c. electric light

d. electric lights


176.    When a bone is broke into several pieces,
A            B
doctors my pin the pieces together for proper healing
C                                                                          D

177.    I have  spent three weeks in Germany last July.
A        B                C                          D

178.    The Hammerhead shark is usual found in warm
A                       B
temperate waters
C            D

179.    We would spend a week on the beach at parang
A         B

teritis, but we changed our minds
C                 D

180. As one climbs high up a mountain, the air

becomes both colder or thinner
B                          C      D

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