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July 20th, 2013 Soal Ujian Nasional SMA

Text #1#

Once upon a time there was a man who liked hunting very much. He often went to the forest to hunt any animal he met.

One day he went hunting into the forest. He intended to shoot any animal he saw. He brought his gun with him. When he was searching for his pre, suddenly he saw a bird perching on a branch of a tree. It was a dove. When he was aiming his gun at the dove, suddenly an ant came and bit his foot. He was so startled that he didn’t shoot the dove. It was safe and then flew away.

Several days later, the dove was flying over a lake. He saw an ant floating on the surface of the water. It was the ant that had saved the dove’s life from the hunter. The ant was almost drowned. The dove got an idea, he picked up a big leaf and dropped it onto the surface of the water near the ant. Luckily the ant could get on the leaf.

The ant tried to bring the leaf to the edge of the lake and landed on the ground. The ant was safe because the dove helped him.

1.   The main idea of paragraph 2 is…

a.   An ant saved the dove’s life.

b.   The dove tried to avoid the hunter.

c.   The dove was perching on a branch of a tree.

d.   The hunter with his gun was seeking his prey.

e.   The hunter with his gun was seeking his prey.

2.   The hunter was very … when the ant bit his foot.

a.   angry                                       b.   furious                                    c.   shocked                               d.   surprised           e.   disappointed

3. Which one of the following sentences INCORRECT or IRRELEVANT with the text above?

a. The man hunted some animal that he met in the forest

b. The hunter saw  a dove on the branch of tree

c. The man didn’t shoot the dove because of a policeman

d. The dove helped the ant that on the surface of water

e. The dove ant was safe because of the dove

4. From the story we can conclude that both the ant and the dove are a good example for human beings because

a.   the bird could fly over the lake

b.   the ant could land on the ground

c.   the ant could bite the hunter’s foot

d.   the hunter couldn’t shoot the dove

e.   they could help to save each other’s lives

5.   The purpose of the text above is to…

a. tell the readers of the story

b. to explain the readers of the story

c. to entertain the readers of the story

d. to inform the readers of the story

e. to retell the readers of the story

(1) Several days later, the dove was flying over a lake. (2) He saw an ant floating on the surface of the water. (3) It was the ant that had saved the dove’s life from the hunter. (4) The ant was almost drowned. (5) The dove got an idea, he picked up a big leaf and dropped it onto the surface of the water near the ant. Luckily the ant could get on the leaf (paragraph 1).

6. Which of the following sentences in paragraph 1 belong to PASSIVE FORM?

a. 1                  b. 2              c. 3              d. 4              e. 5

Text #2#

King Rama, his wife Shita and his brother Laksmana were in the forest. Suddenly, there was a beautiful deer. Queen Shita wanted to have the deer. So she said to her husband, “Please catch deer for me.” So Rama and laksmana ran after the deer.

King Rahwana was flying over the forest. He saw shita and wanted to have her. So, he flew down and asked shita to go with him. Of course, Shita did not want to go then he took by force, put her on his back. And flew away to his home in Alengka.

When King Rama and Laksmana came back with deer, they found that shita had gone. A speaking bird told that Rahwana had abducted her. Rama and Laksmana were sad and very angry. So they went to Alengka to take Shita back from Rahwamna

7. Which is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a. Shita were in the forest when Rahwana abducted her
b. Shita wanted to catch the deer
c. Shita was taken by force
d. Ranma went to Alengka with Laksmana
e. A bird informed Rama where Shita went

8. Who is the main character of that story?

a. Rahwana
b. Shita
c. Laksmana
d. A deer
e. A bird

9. The type of the text is …

a. Report
b. Recount
c. News item
d. Descriptive
e. Narrative

10. What kind of the sentences is using mostly used in such type?

a. The Passive voice
b. The Simple Past Tense
c. The Past Perfect Tense
d. The Simple Present Tense
e. The Present Perfect Tense

Text #3#

Sunlight appears to have no colours. We call in white light. It is really made up of different colours. When you see a rainbow, you see white light that has traveled trough millions of falling raindrops.

White light is a mixture of all the colours of the rainbow, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. When white light in a drop of rain, it changes direction is called refraction. Some orange colours in the light change direction more than other and so the white light separate into its different colours.

11. The text tells us about …

a. rain
b. color
c. sun light
d. rainbow
e. raindrops

12. In the second paragraph the writer describes…

a. White light
b. Falling raindrops
c. The change direction
d. The mixture of colour
e. The process of rainbow

13. The function of the text is… the process of rainbow is formed

a. to share
b. to inform
c. to explain
d. to persuade
e. to describe

14. The part of the text is called (paragraph 1)?

a. Event
b. Conclusion
c. Explanation
d. Argumentation
e. General explanation

15. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a. White light has no colour.
b. White light is mixture of all the colour.
c. All colour in the light change direction.
d. Rainbow is made up of different colour.
e. Rainbow occurs when the light traveled trough millions falling raindrops.

Text #4#

Four Men entered a mosque and each busied himself in Sholah, humbly prostrating before Allah. Each one said the “Allahu Akhbar” after first having made his intention, and began to pray with humility. Meanwhile the Mu’adhdhin came in and gave the call to SALAH.

The first man blurted out to the Mu’adhdhin, “Are you calling to the prayer? Are you sure it is the right time?”

The second spoke on the spur of the moment, “You have wasted your SALAH by speaking during prayers!”

The third retorted, “Why did YOU speak? Tell your OWN self how to behave!”

The fourth mumbled, “Praise be to Allah! I wasn’t a party to their arguments.”

Thus all the four broke their Sholah and wasted it. The fault-finders went more astray than the one who made the orginal mistake. Remember! Correct yourself before correcting others.

16. What did the four men do when they entered the mosque?

a. They slept in the mosque

b. They prayed in humanity

c. They spoke one each others

d. They called for SHOLAH (ADZAN)

e. They wanted to meet with the Muadhdhin

17. Why all the four men broke their SHOLAH?

a. They spoke during SHOLAH

b. They slept during SHOLAH

c. They Sholah before taking the holy water (WUDLU)

d. Muadhdhin disturbed them

e. They Sholah before the right time

18.  What is the text above mainly tell us about?

a. Mu’adhdhin who called of prayers

b. Four men and their Sholah

c. Four men who never Sholah

d. Four men who hid in the mosque

e. Mu’adhdhin in his Sholah

Thus all the four broke their Sholah and wasted it. The fault-finders went more astray than the one who made the orginal mistake. Remember! Correct yourself before correcting others.

19.   The simple form (Verb-1) of the underlined words are…

a. break – go – made                          d. broke – went – make

b. break – gone – make                      e. broken – go – made

c. break – go – make

20. In the internet you can see a monitor. The popular word for a monitor is ……..

a. a Television

b. a Display

c. a Station

d. a Screen

e. a Recorder

21. Nadi : Can you help me typing my English Task ?

Rudy : Sorry, I am not able to type it using computer.

From the dialogue above we can conclude that …

a. Nadi will help Rudi

b. Rudi has ability to type using computer

c. Rudi is very disappointed

d. Rudy does not have capability of typing using computer

e. Nadi is pleasure to ask Rudy

22. The following sentences are PASSIVE FORM,  except…

a. A dog is killed by the boy

b. Budi buys some books

c. A letter was sent by Erna yesterday

d. Some books are bought by my mother in the market

e. Putri is liked by all people

23. Eka        : Gea, would you come to my party tomorrow?

Gea       : I should be delighted to come tomorrow.

The underlined sentence expresses…

a. Permission
b. Sympathy
c. Complaint
d. Acceptance request
e. Refusal request

24. The following sentences are used for refusal request, except…

a. Sure

b. Sorry,…

c. No, I won’t

d. I’m afraid not

e. Not likely

25. Faiz bought TV set last week.

The Passive Form of the sentence above is…

a. A TV set is bought by Faiz last week

b. A TV set was bought by Faiz last week

c. Faiz is bought TV set last week

d. Faiz was bought TW set last week

e. A TV set has been bought by Faiz last week

26. A : What do you think of this hotel service?

B : ……………………………………………(expressions of complaint)

a. Thank you for the best service

b. I’m happy with this hotel service

c. I’m not at all satisfied with this hotel service

d. I’ll be back again anytime

e. It is very satisfied service in this hotel

27. Siti         : What is your aim learning English?

Eci        : I want to increase my English orally and written.

The synonym of the underlined word is…

  1. Change
  2. Move
  3. Purpose
  4. Quick
  5. Restrict

28. The noun form of HAPPY is…

a. Happident

b. Happily

c. Happies

d. Happiness

e. Happinessly

29. The following pair of words is TRUE, except…

a. Able                     è Ability

b. Present                è Presence

c. Organize              è Organization

d. Accept                 è acceptable

e. Sad                      è Sadly

30. To understand the significance of Lebaran, an understanding about the fasting month of Ramadhan is important.

The underlined word has the same meaning (synonym) with…

a. Need                                    c. Difference              e. Famous

b. Importance                          d. Similar

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July 20th, 2013 Soal Ujian Nasional SMA

1. Passenger    : Can you set the volume of the radio up a bit please?


Driver           : Of course. Why?


Passenger    : I listen to the weather forecast. It’s urgent.

C                                                             D

2. Students      : Can I use this spanner to remove the car wheels?

A                                   B

Mechanic    : No, you can’t, you will use the bigger one.

C                                D

3. Caller               : Is this “ BEC sumpiuh” college?


Receptionist   : Yes, that’s right. Which program are you going to take, please?


Caller               : Let me choosing two programs for Sunday morning meeting and private class, please!

C                                                                             D

4. Agent           : “BEC” Travel. What can we do?

Traveler       : I have reserved four flight tickets, GAI to USA taking off at 8 am next week. But because of my wife’s business,

Can I cancel one ticket?                                                  A                             B

Agent           : I’m sorry you can’t. So you’ll take the three tickets. Under what name was the reservation?

C                                                                                                                  D

5. Siti                 : I wished I did the job training abroad. It would have improved my English communication skills.

A                                                                               B

Vitri               : Why didn’t you do that?


Siti                 : I was late. When I came to register, it had been closed.

C                                                                         D

6. Teacher       : Why is this classroom very dirty? Didn’t you clean it this morning?

A                                      B

Students      : We clean it, sir. But our shoes are dirty as it rained heavily last night.

C                                            D

7. Man              : What’s your plan to anticipate the raise of prices?


Woman        : I still wait for the government policy. After everything is clear, I’ll do business again with some adjustment.

B                                                                                                                  C

Man              : Well, me too.


8. Manager      : Why are you going to resign?


Staff              : My husband wants me to concentrate on taking care of the children.


Manager      : If I may give you a question, you should think if it over and over. Discuss all consequences with him.

C                                D

9. Instructor    : May one of you switch on the light, please?

A                                                B

Student        : Which switch, sir?


Instructor    : The one to the left side of the door.


10. Sinta             : Can you tell me your daily activities, please?

Andika          : I usually come back from school at 3 p. m. after I come home, I have rest, watching TV while having lunch and

A                   B                                                                                                                       C

Review the lessons from my teacher. And then I help my parent to clean the house.


Sinta             : Do you still have time to join our English Club at BEC before go home?


11. Miss. Jane    : Traveling is interesting, doesn’t it?


Reni              : Have you travelled around the world?


Miss. Jane    : No, but I have travelled almost all over the city in Indonesia.

C                                D

12. Caller            : Would you like to speak to the Personnel Manager, please? I’m from ALMOS advertising.

A                                                                                            B

Operator     : He isn’t in. Would you like to leave a message?

C                    D

13. Reporter      : What made the climbers fail to reach the peak of the Mount Everest?

A                                   B

Climber        : We failed to reach the peak of the mountain dues of terribly cold weather.

C                                   D

14. Isma              : English is easy, Don’t you think so?

A          B

Opik              : I think so. My friends and I always get bad mark. How can you say so?

C                                                                                                            D

15. Manager      : The sales of our products are decreasing this year.


Director       : So, what is your plan to solve the problem?


Manager      : First, we promote our products more intensively, and then we are going to improve the quality of them too.

C                                                                                                                                              D

16. Student        : Madam, what faculty should I take in the university?


Counselor    : You’d better to choose the one that you’re most interested in.

B                                                          C

Student        : I like Information Technology, but the passing grade is very high.


17. Gandhis        : Do you plan to go to your home town in the next vacation?

A                                         B

Nizar             : Well, I don’t know. Tickets fares are very expensive today.


Gandhis        : I will drive if I were you.


18. Lawyer 1 : Personally, do you agree with the death sentences?


Lawyer 2 : No, I disagree at all. Why? Because if it is found that the verdict is wrong, it will impossible for us to

B                                                                 C                                                                             D

rehabilitate the accused.


19. Walkerboss  : My hobby is playing badminton, sir.


Interviewer    : Are you good at it? Have you ever been a champion?

B                                            C

Walkerboss     : I was the first winner for man single at the Senior High School.


20. Iik                 : I’m sorry, I cannot leave now. I have to attend the English course, first. We finish by 5 o’clock.

A                                                                         B

Sari            : Don’t worry. I will wait you until you’ve finished it.

C                                                                         D

Iik              : Thanks. You’re real friend.

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