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June 16th, 2013 Soal Ujian Nasional SMP

Last month SMP Satria team entered for tug-of-war (tarik tambang) contest with SMP Taruna. Two weeks before the contest the boys of “SMP Satria Team” started practicing hard. “We must learn to pull the rope together at same time, “say Arya, their team leader. “By this way our team will be strong.”
On the day of the contest, the team from SMP Taruna arrived at SMP Satria in a bus. Everyone was surprised to see that these boys were much taller and bigger than the boys of SMP Satria. “We’ll surely lose,” said Dono, a member of SMP Satria. “Don’t give up so easily,” said Arya, “we must try out best.”
Soon the contest began. Which team do you think won the contest? It was SMP Satria. It was too strong for the SMP Taruna team, why was that so? You see, the SMP Satria led the rope together at the same time. SMP Taruna on the other hand, was not united at all.

1. When did SMP Satria team enter the tug-of-war contest with SMP Taruna?
A. Two weeks before the contest.
B. On the day of the contest.
C. At the same time.
D. Last month.


2. Which is the best title for the text above?
A. The strong boys.
B. The winner of the contest.
C. The students competition.
D. The tug-of-war contest.


3. Why did the SMP Taruna team lose the contest?
A. They pulled the rope at the same time.
B. They were taller and bigger.
C. They were not united.
D. they gave up easily.



4. What does the text about?
A. Concert invitation.
B. Dancing competition.
C. Opening ceremony.
D. A schedule of a concert.


5. How may times dances are performed on the concert?
A. Twice.
B. Three.
C. Four times.
D. Three times.


6. How many students will perform in the Quiet moment?
A. Two.
B. Three.
C. Four.
D. Five.


7. Herna : This is a silk blouse. You have to wash it very …
Mirna : Don’t worry. I will.
A. rudely
B. quickly
C. carefully
D. beautifully


8. Artati : You look healthy now.
Aini    : I … from my illness.
Artati : I’m glad to hear that. So we can study together again.
A. Have recovered.
B. Am recovering.
C. Will recover.
D. Recovered.


9. Hani : Ouch!
Banu : What’s the matter?
Hani  : I … my finger.
Banu  : Please, be careful. The knife’s very sharp.
A. ache
B. pain
C. bit
D. cut


10. Mrs. Wina : I don’t like living in a big city.
Mrs. Nani  : Neither do I. A big city is…small one.
A. as peaceful
B. more peaceful
C. the most peaceful
D. not so peaceful


11. Rini       : Brother, is an ostrich a bird?
Brother : Yes it is.
Rini       : It can’t fly, can it?
Brother : No, it can’t. Most birds can fly, … an ostrich can’t.
A. and
B. so
C. but
D. or


12. Xania : What do the Olympic Games consist of?
Yuli    : The summer games and the winter games…are held every four years.
A. Both.
B. All.
C. Not only.
D. None of.


13. The diagram bellow shows the Indonesian population in million.

The number of the population reach more or less two hundred and eleven million happened in the year of…
A. 2005
B. 2006
C. 2007
D. 2008


14. It belongs to reptile; it uses its tail as weapon when it fights. It is originally from one of the island of the Indonesian Archipelago. People call its name the same as its place of origin. What animal is it?
A. Crocodile
B. Alligator
C. Python
D. Komodo


15. Yuni   : Will you come the meeting?
Gonar : I don’t know. I can’t make up my mind.
What’s the topic we’re going to talk about?
Yuni    : Water supplies for our village. It’s interesting I think, isn’t it?
Gonar : Okay then. I will come if it …
A. Doesn’t rain
B. Didn’t rain
C. Isn’t raining
D. Hasn’t rained


16. Andin : Indonesia has to import rice next year.
Mike  : How come? Indonesia is an agricultural country.
Andin : There are some reasons for that.
Mike  : Like what?
Andin : The harvest failed … natural disasters occurred.
A. although
B. because
C. but
D. and
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