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November 14th, 2013 SMA kelas XII

A.   Multiple Choice
Choose the best answer by crossing a,b,c,d, and e

01.     “Can we postpone the class meeting until friday?”
“I’m afraid not, I______basketball on Friday.’
(A)        would play
(B)        will have been playing
(C)        am playing
(D)        always play
(E)        played

02.     ‘Is no one living with your grandmother in that house?’
‘No, and she_____anyone do anything for her for years
(A)        never had
(B)        does not have
(C)        has never had
(D)        never has
(E)        will never have

03. ‘Do you often go to restaurants?’
‘No, it______quite a long time since I went to a restaurant with my friends
(A)        has been
(B)        would be
(C)        is being
(D)        are being
(E)        had been

04.     “Is the rescue team still looking for survivors of the plane crash?”
“Yes, they____the area for hours, but they have not found any yet.”

(A)        searched
(B)        were searching
(C)        have been searching
(D)        are searching
(E)        will be searching

05.     “My uncle’s office stays open until 12.00 on weekends”. The sentence means ______
(A)        My uncle works at 12.00 on weekends.
(B)        My uncle’s office opens at 12.00 on     weekends.
(C)        My uncle doesn’t have to work on
(D)        My uncle doesn’t have to work on
(E)        My uncle’s office closes at 12.00 on     weekends.

06.     A:    I think we’re going to be here for a while.
B:    But we____in line for almost an hour.
(A)        are standing
(B)        have stood
(C)        stand
(D)        were standing
(E)        have been standing

07. All these years Ira’s family ______in poverty.
(A)        lived
(B)        has been living
(C)        had lived
(D)        are living
(E)        lives
08.     Every night the watchman turns on all the lights and ____around the building every half an hour.
(A)        walks
(B)        is walking
(C)        to be walking
(D)        walking
(E)        to walk

09.  ‘He has to take a TOEFL test before leaving for the U.S’
‘No, _____have to; he already took it a few months age.’
(A)        he doesn’t
(B)        he isn’t
(C)        he hasn’t
(D)        he musn’t
(E)        he can’t

10.     ‘The Anthropologist has been studying that tribe for the last five years’ means:
(A)        has finished studying
(B)        studied
(C)        was studying
(D)        have studied
(E)        is still studying

11.     ‘You look so unhappy, Anton. What’s the matter?’
‘My father________his job.’
(A)        has just lost
(B)        has been losing
(C)        losing
(D)        is losing
(E)        loses

12.     “Where is Tanti?’
“I don’t know. In fact I_____any of our friends since I arrived.”
(A)        did not see
(B)        was not seeing
(C)        have not seen
(D)        do not see
(E)        am not seeing

13.     ‘Ted, are you going to Tia’s birthday party tomorrow evening?’
‘I don’t think so. I______the dentist
(A)        am having to see
(B)        have seen
(C)        have to see
(D)        had to see
(E)        would have to see

14.     “What are you looking for?”
“My wallet; I don’t know where I______it.”
(A)        have been putting
(B)        am putting
(C)        puts
(D)        was putting
(E)        have put

15.     ‘Ten years ago there was no statue in front of this building’.
‘Well it_______there for three years now.’
(A)        is
(B)        has been
(C)        is being
(D)        was
(E)        had been

16.     ‘Anwar was promoted president of your company last week, wasn’t he?’
‘I’m glad he was; he____in this company for years.’
(A)        had worked
(B)        has been working
(C)        was working
(D)        would work
(E)        worked

17.     ‘Where is my dictionary? It was on my desk’.
‘Perhaps somebody______it.’
(A)        takes
(B)        has taken
(C)        is taking
(D)        had taken
(E)        would take

18.     Now he______how to do the job properly.
(A)        is knowing
(B)        not know
(C)        knows not
(D)        knows
(E)        don’t know

19.     “I have written three letters” means:
(A)        I am still writing now
(B)        I have to write now
(C)        I haven’t finished writing yet
(D)        I am not writing anymore
(E)        I hope to finish writing

20.     For the last five months he _____of moving out because the area has become highly polluted.

(A)        thinks
(B)        is thinking
(C)        thought
(D)        had thought
(E)        has been thinking

21.  ‘When are you going to tell your sister the good news?’
‘When she______from her business trip.’
(A)        will be returning
(B)        is going to return
(C)        return
(D)        is returning
(E)        had returned

22.     The police _____for the robber for two years before they caught him,
(A)        had been looking
(B)        have been looking
(C)        were being looked
(D)        had to be looked
(E)        were looked
23.     The earth______around the sun.
(A)        is revolving
(B)        has revolved
(C)        revolves
(D)        revolve
(E)        was revolving

24.    Over the past few years medical doctors_______for a drug to control the AIDS virus.
(A)        are serching
(B)        searches
(C)        have been searching
(D)        have searched
(E)        will search

25.     “What does Mary do every morning, John?”
“She________every moring.”
(A)        is watching television
(B)        has been watching television
(C)        watch television
(D)        always watches television
(E)        has watched

B.   Choose the correct verb form those in brackets.

01.     The earth___round the sun (move, moves, moved).
02.     I_____him only one letter up to now. (send, have sent, is sending)
03. He_____here for the last five years. (works, is working, has been working)
04. Don’t disturb me. I_____my homework. (do, does, am doing)
05. The baby_____all morning. (cries, is crying, has been crying)
06. I______George this week. (haven’t seen, am not seeing, don’t see)
07. This newspaper_____twice weekly. (is appearing, appearing, appears)
08. Here are your shoes; I______them. (just clean, just cleaned, have just cleaned)
09. She______unconscious since four o’clock. (is, was, has been)
10. The river_______under the bridge. (flows, is flowing, has flown)

C. Reading Comprehension
Read the text carefully!

Text I
Vitamin B6 is one of our hardest working nutrients, being involved in over 100 chemical reactions which take place in our bodies. However, it has been found that nearly one third of people do not have as much vitamin B6 as their bodies need. This is because it is very easily broken down during food processing, storage, and cooking, and it cannot be stored in our bodies. Among its many functions are; manufacturing amino acids, the building block which make proteins; producing neurotransmitters, the chemicals which send nerve message around our bodies, helping to release energy from the food we eat; keeping our hormones in balance and helping to maintain our immune systems.

01.     The topic of the text is…….
(A)        the usefulness of vitamin B6
(B)        the effect of a lack of vitamin B6
(C)        the manufacture of vitamin B6
(D)        the nutrients needed by our body
(E)        the chemical reaction in our body

02.     Which of the following is NOT the function of vitamin B6?
(A)        To help maintain the immune systems.
(B)        To help produce protein in the body.
(C)        To break down foods stored in our body.
(D)        To keep the hormones in our body in balance
(E)        To help release energy from the food

Text II
Food and with reproduction. Should some of the offspring become endangered, the parent will not interfere, because it is not expected that all the young survive, which is the reason for a large litter. One animal that produces large litters is the hamster.
A female hamster is able to bear young when she is six weeks to two months old. The gestation period is about 16 days. Although an average litter size is from five to ten, hamsters commonly have as few as three or as many as a dozen offspring at a time. Mothers will sometimes eat their own young, particularly when the number of offspring is large. Females may produce litters up to an age of about 15 months at monthly intervals. The blind, hairless young begin to grow fur in two three days. Their eyes open after about two weeks. After ten days they begin eating solid food, though the mother will continue to nurse them for about two more weeks. In captivity, a typical hamster may live for two to three years.

03.    What is the best title of the text?
(A)        Endangered animal litters
(B)        Reasons for large litters
(C)        Parents of large litters
(D)        Educating litters
(E)        Litters

04.    Hamster can produce
(A)        2 years
(B)        3 years
(C)        15 months
(D)        16 days
(E)        6 weeks

05.    Why would an animal parent not be able to care for its litter?
(A)        It is busy reproducing and food gathering
(B)        It is busy educating the litter
(C)        It interferes with the litter
(D)        It is busy playing
(E)        It is busy sleeping

06.    Which of the following that is not stated about when female hamster could bear its young?
(A)        6 weeks
(B)        two months
(C)        two weeks
(D)        15 months
(E)        16 days

07.    What is a litter?
(A)        The amount of parents an animal has
(B)        The amount of garbage an animal has
(C)        The amount of offspring an animal has
(D)        The amount of siblings an animal has
(E)        The amount of eggs an animal has

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November 8th, 2013 SMA kelas XII

1.    Jelaskan fungsi Peta !
2.    Bagaimanakah peta yang ideal itu ?
3.    Jelaskan pengertian proyeksi peta !
4.    Bagaimana upaya yang dapat dilakukan untuk memperkecil kesalahan dalam proyeksi peta !
5.    Sebutkanbagian-bagian dalam peta beserta fungsinya !
6.    Apakah yang dimaksud dengan skala pada peta !
7.    Jika kota A dankota B berjarak 4cm pada peta dengan skala dalam peta menunjukkan 1:100.000, maka berapakah jarak sebenarnya antara kota A dengan kota B pada kenyataannya?
8.    Sebutkan berapa jenis peta yang kalian ketahui !
9.    Apakah yang di maksud dengan Legenda pada Peta ?
10.    Jelaskan langkah-langkah dalam pembuatan Peta dengan menggunakan Kompas dan Meteran

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