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November 16th, 2013 Kumpulan Soal Ujian Smster

Choose the best answer!
Text 1 is for questions no. 1 to 3
One day I went to Bandung with my friend for a vacation. We went there on night bus when we arrived in Cianjur, the bus stopped for a rest. I got off the bus to get a cup of coffee, but my friend didn’t. He went to a mosque to pray. It took only a few minutes to pray, but when I came out again the bus was not there. It had gone! I Shocked and confused. I asked the shopkeeper about the bus. She said that the bus had departed about five minutes ago.
I tried to call my friend on my cell phone, but the battery was running low. I couldn’t do anything but hope and pray. After several minutes, my wish came true. The bus came back! I Got on the bus and walked to my seat. I was so ashamed when everybody on the bus looked at me. I could feel my face turn red.
I asked my friend why she didn’t tell the driver that I was still outside.
“I did, I told him several times that you were outside, but he said that you were in the bus toilet because he saw a man going into the toilet,” my friend replied, laughing. The other passengers smiled at me. I was so embarrassed.

1. What did the story tell us about?
A. The writer and his friend were left by the bus on his trip to Bandung
B. The writer was left by the bus on his trip to Bandung
C. The writer and his friend enjoyed their trip to Bandung
D. The writer could contact his friend with the cell phone
E. The writer arrived in Cianjur to visit his relatives
F. The writer got off the bus to get a cup a coffee

2. Why couldn’t the writer cell his friend?
A. There was not any signal in his cell phone
B. The battery was running low
C. He didn’t bring his cell phone
D. The writer’s cell phone was broken
E. The writer’s cell phone was stolen

3. What did the writer do when the bus stop for a rest in Cianjur?
A. He bought souvenir and went to the toilet
B. He drank a cup of coffee and prayed
C. He drank a cup of coffee and went to the toilet
D. He drank a cup of coffee
E. He drank a cup of milk and bought souvenir

Text 2 is for questions no. 4 to 7
We were moving house and dad asked me to help him sort out all the boxes in the storeroom. I hadn’t been in the storeroom for aged and wondered what we would find. One wall was line with shelves, stacked with boxes almost to the ceiling there were many other wrapped up objects of different shafts and size Dad open the boxes and rummaged through them. I moved over to a wooden box and was just about to lift the lid when it toppled over. Everything fell out into a heap.
Be careful!’ shouted dad; there may be something fragile in there
Then I saw it! My heart began to pound and my knees began to shake. It was a rubber ring. It had belonged to my beloved dog. Tessie. She died two years ago.
I was only four when we got Tessie. I chose her from among other puppies. She was my best friend. Although she had a basket in the kitchen she would creep up to my room at night and sleep in the bottom of the bed. If I was cold she would snuggle up next to me.
Tessie could do anything. She could beg and sit and shake a paw. I taught her to fetch things. One Christmas I bought her a rubber ring I wrapped it up in shiny paper and place it under Christmas tree. She played with it every day. Tessie would wait at the front door when she knew it was time for me to come home from school. She would howl the panting with the rubber ring in front of her if didn’t play; she would howl and wouldn’t stop until I did. On the weekend we would take her to the playground and play for hours until neither of us couldn’t run anymore.
Then one day Tessie fell ill. She didn’t wait for me by the front door anymore and she didn’t want to play with the ring. I tried to encourage her, “Come on, Tessie. Come and play. :
Seemed out of breath she couldn’t walk very well and she wasn’t eating properly. Mum and I took her to the vet. The vet shook her head and told us that Tessie was really sick
There’s nothing they can do for her, ‘mum whispered to me.
I went to the room where Tessie was waiting and said my goodbye I felt her warm fur for the last time on my face and then I ran outside and cried. .
What’s the matter, son?’ asked Dad. He put an arm around my shoulder. We all miss her, ‘said Dad sadly, ‘she was a good dog, a really good dog. I nodded and put the ring hack in the box.

4. The statement here is true except….
A. The writer bought Tessie a rubber ring
B. The writer was moving home
C. Tessie was the writer’s best friend
D. Tessie died two years ago
E. Tessie had an accident

5. What is the generic structure of the text?
A. Orientation > event > complication
B. Re-orientation>event>Orientation
C. Orientation > events > re-orientation
D. Goal > material > step
E. Newsworthy event > background event > source

6. What causes the boy have the flashback?
A. She was moving house
B. She bought Christmas tree
C. She was sick
D. She found a rubber ring
E. She found a dog

7. Where did the writer take Tessie on the weekend?
A. She took it to the bedroom
B. She took it to the playground
C. She took it to the storeroom
D. She took it to the vet
E. She took it to school.

Text 3 is for questions no. 8 to 11
A Visit to a Wildlife Park
I recently visited Sydney with my parents. We visited many interesting places. The one I enjoyed best was the Wildlife Park.
The Wildlife Park has a lot different Australian animals and birds. There are over 600 animals, including kangaroos, wallabies, koala and crocodiles. They are kept in their natural surroundings. I much preferred the Wildlife Park to a zoo where a lot of animals are in cages.
We were able to walk along the kangaroos and wallabies. We were even allowed to touch them and to feed them. It was very exciting to be very so close to them.
We saw koala bears. They looked very cuddly. I got my photograph taken with one of them. It was a wonderful souvenir of my holiday in Sydney.
We also went to see the crocodiles. The Wildlife Park has a lot of fresh water and salt-water crocodiles. Some of them were very big and scary with, huge teeth. I did not get very close to them.
We also visited the aviary. There were some very colorful birds there. I really liked an old parrot which could talk.
I wish we could have spent more time in the Wildlife Park. There was so much to see.

8. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
A. To describe a particular place or thing
B. To tell the readers what happened in the past
C. To amuse, entertain and to deal with actual or vicarious experience
D. To share with others an account of on unusual or amusing incidents
E. To persuade the readers that something a case

9. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. The wild life park has a lot different Australian animals and birds
B. We were able to walk along the kangaroos, and wallabies
C. The wild life park has a lot a fresh water and salt water crocodiles
D. I recent visited sonly with my parents
E. I much preferred the wildlife park to a zoo

10. …. Allowed to touch them and to feed…
The word them in paragraph 3 refer to?
A. The writers family
B. The visitors of wildlife park
C. Fresh water and salt water crocodiles
D. The kangaroos and wallabies
E. Koala and wallabies

11. What was the wonderful souvenir of the writer’s holiday in Sidney?
A. The photograph with crocodile
B. Walk along with kangaroos and wallabies
C. The photograph with koala bear
D. To touch kangaroos and wallabies
E. Walked and talked with crocodile

Text 4 is for questions no. 12 to 14
On Wednesday, my students and I went to Jogjakarta. We stayed at Dirgahayu Hotel which is not far from Malioboro.
On Thursday we visited the temples in Prambanan. There are three big temples, the Brahmana, Syiwa and Wisnu temples. They are really amazing. We visited only Brahma and Syiwa temples, because Wisnu temple is being renovated.
On Friday morning we went to Jogja Kraton. We spent about two hours there. We were lucky because we were led by a smart and friendly guide. Then we continued our journey to Borobudur. We arrived there at four p.m. At 5 p.m. we heard an announcement that Borobudur gate would be closed.
In the evening we left for Jakarta by Wisata bus.

12. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Malioboro is very far from Dirgahayu hotel
B. The writer left for Jakarta on Friday
C. The writer and the students went to Jogyakarta for having a research
D. The writer went to Borobudur first and then to Kraton
E. The writer was very disappointed with the guide

13. The text above mainly discusses about …
A. The writer’s trip to Jogyakarta
B. The writer’s first visit to Prambanan
C. The writer’s impression about the guide
D. The writer’s impression about Borobudur
E. The writer’s experience at Kraton

14. Which temple was being renovated?
A. Borobudur
B. Syiwa
C. Brama
D. Wisnu
E. Syiwa and Wisnu

Text 5 is for questions no. 15 to 17
I remember the day when I first got Sandy, my 7 year old cat. I wanted to name her because she was so cute. My older sister Michelle convinced me to name her Sandy Bucket instead; so we could call her Sandy for short. I was so attached to Sandy. Every time I saw her, I couldn’t walk away; I would just have to hug her. I even slept at the end of my bed, so I can hug her the whole night even though I was freezing.
I always remember so many fun times with Sandy. Like when we would run and jump off the end of our pier and Sandy would chase after us. When I was scared or mad, I would just hug Sandy and everything wouldn’t be so bad.
But one night, right before I went to bed, my mom let her out. While I went to sleep, my mom went to call Sandy back in. But she didn’t come in, so I thought she maybe went inside my neighbor’s house. As my mom and dad went outside to look for Sandy, I became really worried. They couldn’t find her. Every ten minutes they would go out to look for her, so I went to bed hoping she was safe. I just thought she got lost and would come back tomorrow.
The next day was the worst. My mom woke us early and told me and my sister, Michelle, that Sandy died last night. I was so sad and did not want to do anything that day. When I was going to school, I could not stop crying. At school all my friends made me cards and tried to make me stop crying, but I couldn’t. My teacher would always look at me and ask why I was crying. Even my friends were crying with me.
When I got home I went to my room crying really loudly. I wanted to scream. I came downstairs and hugged my mom. She said we could get another cat. Then, she was trying to find a new cat on the internet. But I did not want another cat. I want Sandy. She never found one that looked like Sandy or at the same age or even in the same kind.
That night I slept with my mom and we prayed for Sandy. I kept thinking she was a ghost at the end of the bed, so I stayed closed to my mom. The next day I figured out that if Sandy was a ghost, she would not scare me or haunt me. She would be waiting for me to play with her.
I still think about Sandy every day and wish she could come back.

15. What did the writer’s mom do to support the writer?
A. She gave the writer money
B. She slept with the writer
C. She was trying to find a new cat on the internet
D. She supported to the policeman
E. She bought a new cat

16. How the cat could get lost?
A. The cat played with another cat.
B. The neighbor kept the cat in his/her house.
C. Someone took the cat to the remote area.
D. The thief took the cat.
E. The writer’s mom let the cat out one night

17. What is the main idea of third paragraph?
A. The writer let Sandy out.
B. The writer’s mom and dad went outside to look for Sandy.
C. I went to bed hoping she was safe.
D. Sandy would back tomorrow.
E. The writer’s mom let Sandy out.

Text 6 is for questions no. 18 to 19
Five years ago, I had a girlfriend. We had been dating each other for years, since we were high school students. We loved each other.
Unfortunately, her parents never approved of our relationship ever since the very first time. My family, anyhow, didn’t really mind. At first, I thought my girlfriend had the power to defend our love. But then she surrounded. She loved me and her family too. Then she said to me, “I’ll be happy if my family is happy,” It meant she had to get approval from her parents.

18. Unfortunately, her parents never approved of our relationship ever since the very first time
What is the synonym of the word?
A. Delimited
B. Astonished
C. Accepted
D. Trouble
E. Connection

19. What is the end of the story?
A. They got married
B. Happy ending
C. Their parents approved their relationship
D. They kept continue their relationship
E. Sad ending

20. My niece …….the doll every day.
What is the right word to fill in the blank?
A. Played
B. Plays
C. Playes
D. Play
E. Playing

21. John and I …….in the park every Sunday evening
What is the right word to fill in the blank?
A. Sit
B. Went
C. Sleep
D. Ride
E. Do

22. John: What …..your father do every evening?
Hary: He ……….a cup of coffee every morning
What is the right word to fill in the blank?
A. Do – is
B. Does – do
C. Does – drinks
D. Does – drink
E. Is – drinks

23. I …… to eat banana but I like to eat orange every morning
What is the right word to fill in the blank?
A. Is not
B. Does not
C. Am not
D. Don’t not
E. Do not

24. Dhita has an expensive car.
What is the negative sentence?
A. She hasn’t an expensive car
B. She isn’t has an expensive car
C. She doesn’t has an expensive car
D. She doesn’t have an expensive car
E. She don’t have a new car

25. Jordie and Aldy work in the big company.
What is the Interrogative sentence?
A. Does Frank and Bobby work in the big company?
B. Do you work in the big company?
C. Are they work in the big company?
D. Do we work in the big company?
E. Do they work in the big company?

26. Bimo sings the song in the bath room every day.
The right question for the underlined word is?
A. Who sings in the bath room every day?
B. What does she do in the bath room every day?
C. What does he do in the bath room every day?
D. Where does he sing the song every day?
E. When does he sing in the bath room?

27. Deryl and Andhika play badminton in the hall every Saturday
The right question for the underlined word is?
A. Who pay badminton every Saturday?
B. Where do we play badminton every Saturday?
C. Where do you play badminton every Saturday?
D. When do you play badminton in the hall?
E. What do you play every Saturday?

28. The postman…a letter for me yesterday.
What is the suitable word to fill in the blanks?
A. Brought
B. Find
C. Broke
D. Taught
E. Bring

29. The students…..a discussion about keeping our environment clean
What is the suitable word to fill in the blanks?
A. Have
B. Are having
C. Has
D. Had
E. Haved

30. That party…the election three months ago.
What is the suitable word to fill in the blanks?
A. Spent
B. Made
C. Won
D. Caught
E. Asked

31. We had an exercise this morning.
The negative form of these sentences is?
A. We had not have an exercise this morning
B. We had not an exercise this morning
C. We had not had an exercise this morning
D. We didn’t had an exercise this morning
E. We didn’t have an exercise this morning

32. Mr. Agus drove the bus carefully
The interrogative of the sentences is?
A. Did he drive the bus carefully?
B. He doesn’t drive the bus carefully?
C. Did he drove the bus carefully?
D. Does he Drive the bus carefully?
E. He drives didn’t the bus carefully?

33. When did you buy this new car?
The right answer for the question is?
A. I buy it last month
B. I bought it last month
C. I brought it yesterday
D. I bought it tonight
E. I will buy it next month

34. Sukoco and Elbrian……in the hotel when they……… Bali last month.
What are the right words to fill in the blanks?
A. Stayed – was
B. Stays – was
C. Spent – were
D. Stayed – were
E. Went – was

35. I……..your brother when we……….in Bandung two months ago.
What are the right words to fill in the blanks?
A. Knew – met
B. Knowed – meeted
C. Knowed – met
D. Am knowing – meeting
E. Was knowing – meeted

36. Widy:”What….your sister do in her last vacation?”
Aldy:”She……to Singapore. She……there for five days.”
What are the suitable words to fill in the blanks?
A. Does – went – was
B. Did – goes – is
C. Do – went – was
D. Did – went – was
E. Does – goes – is

37. Mrs. Eris cooked some delicious food for us last night
The right question for the underlined word is?
A. Why did she cook same delicious food for us last night?
B. What did she cook for us last night?
C. Where did she cook some delicious food for us last night?
D. When did she cook some delicious food for us?
E. Who did cook some delicious food for us last night?

38. My sister did her homework last night
The right question for the underlined word is?
A. Who did do the homework?
B. Where did your sister do her homework?
C. Why did your sister do her homework?
D. When did your sister do her homework?
E. What did your sister do last night?

39. Dimas : Excuse me, I am a new student.
I would like to introduce myself my name is Ahmad.
How do you do?
Afwan : ………………
Dimas : Nice to meet you.
Afwan : ………………
The right response for the conversation above is?
A. I am Ok! – How do you do?
B. Good to meet you – I’m fine thanks
C. How are you? – Nice to meet you too
D. I am fine, thanks. – Nice to meet you
E. How do you do – Nice to meet you too

40. Farras : Good morning, Farhan.
Farhan : Good morning, Farras.
Farras : …………..?
Farhan : I’m fine thanks, and you?
Farras : …………..
Farhan : I want to buy some food in the canteen do you want to come with me?
Farhan: No, thanks I have just eaten at home.
The right response for the conversation is?
A. How do you do – Nice to meet you too
B. Where are you – I am fine too
C. How are you – I am fine too
D. How are you – Nice to meet you
E. How do you – I am fine too

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UTS Semester 2

November 16th, 2013 Kumpulan Soal Ujian Smster

I. Choose the one right answer!

The text for No.1 to 5
The Sumatran elephant’s habitat is in Sumatra, Indonesia. The average male elephant reaches eight feet high and weighs up to six tons. A baby elephant can weigh up to one ton. The males are always larger than the females. They are massive creatures.
Elephants have a trunk, two tusks, two eyes, two ears and two lumps on their head. They are known to be clever animals. When an elephant is hot, they fan themselves by flapping their ears back and forth. When an elephant herd wants to move they use their ears as a guide. Their hearing range is very large. Elephants hear some noises that cannot be heard by a human ear.
Sumatran elephants have enough strength to knock down a tree. They can also pick up a log using just their trunk and their tusks. Their trunk is their nose. They also use it like a hand. Just below their trunk they have their tusks. Only male Sumatran elephants have tusks. A baby elephants is called a calf; the females are called cows.
1. How do elephants guide each other to move in direction?
a. They use their head as a guide
b. They use their tusks as a guide
c. They use their trunk as a guide
d. They use their nose as a guide
e. They use their ears as a guide

2. What are the uses of an elephant’s trunk?
a. can be used as eyes and head
b. can be used as a nose and hand
c. can be used as legs and tail
d. can be used as a trunk and tusks
e. can be used as ears and hand

3. What do elephants use to pick up a log?
a. they use their eyes and head
b. they use their nose and hand
c. they use their legs and tail
d. they use their trunk and tusks
e. they use their ears and hand

4. What do you call a baby elephant?
a. a dog
b. a cow
c. a calf
d. a puppy
e. a cat

5. Where do you find the tusks?
a. under the nose
b. on the head
c. below the trunk
d. in the neck
e. on the back

The text for No. 6 to 10
Spiders are predatory invertebrate animals. They are not classified in the class of insect. A spider has eight legs while an insect never has more than six legs.
Spiders have a body with two main divisions, four legs and two other pairs of abdominal spinnerets for spinning threads of silk. This silk can be used to aid in climbing, build egg sacs and catch pray.
Spiders kill so many insects, but they never do the least harm to man’s belonging. Spiders are busy for at least half of the year killing insects. It is impossible to find out how many insects they kill, since they are hungry creature which cannot be content with only three meals a day.

6. The purpose of the text is to…
a. explain about spiders
b. tell a particular spiders in chronological order
c. describe an insect
d. persuade people about spiders
e. retell about spiders

7. Why can’t spider be classified in the class of insect?
a. Because spiders have more than six legs
b. Because spider’s bodies have two main divisions
c. Because they have walking legs
d. Because spiders kill many insects
e. Because spiders are hungry creature

8. Which sentences describe the behavior of spiders?
a. a spider has eight legs
b. a spider has a body with two main divisions
c. a spider has four pairs of walking legs and two pairs of abdominal spinnerets
d. a spider kills so many insects
e. a spider is a hungry creature

9. The following sentences are true about spiders, except
a. they belong to insect
b. they have eight legs
c. they eat many insects
d. they are not dangerous for people
e. they eat more than three meals a day

10. They never do the least harm to man’s belonging
The underlined word has almost the same meaning as the word
a. useless
b. damage
c. bothering
d. intervention
e. relation

The text for No. 11 to 13
Ants are small insect. The body of an ant is clearly divided into three sections; the head, the thorax, and the gaster. (The narrow waist is actually within the abdomen, so the part of the abdomen behind the waist is called the gaster.) The waist can be made up of one or two small segments, depending on the species.
Ants are social insects living in colonies comprised of one or a few queens, and many workers. The queen generally stays deep and safe within a nest. Most ants that you see are workers and these are all females. Depending on species, workers may be similar in size, or come in a range of sizes,
Ants tend to corne in dark or earth-tones. Different species are black, earth-tone reds, pale tens, and basic browns.
Queen of ants is for one colony.

11. What are the section of the ant body?
a. The waist, the thorax, the gaster
b. The head, the abdomen, the gaster
c. The head, the thorax, the gaster
d. The gaster, the segment, the thorax
e. The abdomen, the queen, the head

12. The first paragraph tells about…
a. how the colonies of ants work
b. the sections of ants’ body
c. the function of ants abdomen
d. the classification of ants
e. many kinds of ant species

13. The text is focused on….
a. features appearance of ants
b. species of ants
c. social life of ants
d. size of ants
e. the body of ants

The text for No. 14 to 17
Polar Bear
The polar bear is a very big white bear. We call it the polar bear because it lives inside the Arctic Circle near the North Pole. There are no polar bear at the South Pole.
The polar bears live in the North Pole. There is only snow, ice and water. There is not any land.
These bears are three meters long and weight 450 kilos. They can stand up on their back legs because they have very wide feet. They can use their front legs like arms. The polar bears can swim very well. They can swim 120 kilometers out into the water. They catch fish and sea animals for food. They go into the sea when they are afraid.
People like to kill the polar bears for their beautiful white coats. The government of Canada, The United States, and Russia say that no one can kill polar bears now. They do not want all of these beautiful animals to die.

14. What does the passage mainly discus?
a. The size of polar bear
b. Where polar bears live
c. The habitats of polar bears.
d. Why people hunt polar bears
e. A brief description of polar bears

15. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
a. Polar bears are very big animals
b. The polar bears are tame animals
c. Polar bears live at the North Pole
d. There are no polar bears at the South Pole
e. Polar bears are hunted because of the beautiful white coats.

16. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about a polar bear?
a. A polar bear weighs 450 kilos
b. A polar bear is three meters long
c. A polar bear catches fish for food
d. A polar bear goes into the sea when it is angry
e. A polar bear can swim 120 kilometers out into the water

17. What is the generic structure of the text?
a. Orientation>Complication>Resolution>Re-orientation
b. Identification>Description
c. General Classification> Description
d. Orientation>Events>Reorientation
e. Orientation>Description

The text for No. 18 to 23
Making an Omelet
This is the way an omelet should be made. It is important that the frying-pan should be proportionate to the number of eggs; in other word, to the size of the omelet. The frying-pan must be made of iron not of aluminum, tin or enamel. And here I fell I must stress a point, essential to what might be called the background of omelet-making, namely that the frying-pan must never be washed with water but rubbed, when hot, with salt and tissue paper, as this is the only way to prevent sticking.
For three papers, we take six eggs, break them into a bowl, season them with salt and freshly ground pepper, and add a good teaspoonful of water. We beat this lightly with a fork or the wire-broom, not the whisk, until large bubbles from on the top. This takes half a minute; it is fatal to beat too long. Meanwhile, our frying-pan is getting heat, not too hot, and we drop in an ounce and a half of butter and best lard, over quick flame for a minute or two, until it gives no more froth and has turned light golden. We give our egg-mixture another stir and pour it into the fat, letting it spread evenly over the frying-pan.
All this is a swift business, and we may well feel a few extra hearts-beats and a little breathlessness at that moment. The flame is now turned down a little. With a fork or palette-knife (a fork seems to work particularly well) we loosen the edges of the omelet all round and, once or twice, in the middle, letting the liquid flow into the empty spaces, taking care always to move towards the middle.
This takes about two minutes. Then, keeping as calm as we possibly can, we fold it. This is easiest if we fold over and pin down with two or three fork-pricks about an inch and-a-half of the omelet along one side. Then it is quite easy to roll it into shape. Our omelet should be golden brown outside and wet inside: because, as is the classical French term. It is then slid on to a hot plate and its surface made shiny with a little butter. This last touch makes all the difference.

18. What is important about the frying-pan?
a. It should be the same size as the eggs.
b. It should never be a small one.
c. It should never be too small to hold the eggs.
d. It should never be a very flat one.
e. It should be a big one.

19. Which of the following frying-pans is among those mentioned by the writer?
a. One made of aluminum.
b. One made of aluminum and enamel.
c. One made of iron.
d. One made of gold.
e. One made of paper.

20. What is the only way to prevent sticking?
a. Rubbing with hot salt and tissue-paper.
b. Rubbing with hot water.
c. Rubbing with salt and paper.
d. Washing with salt and paper.
e. Washing with water.

21. When the writer uses the word because, she means ______.
a. The states of an omelet
b. An omelet made in ancient Rome
c. The size of an omelet
d. The shape of an omelet
e. An omelet made in France

22. Where the empty spaces we let the liquid flow into?
a. all round the edged of the omelet
b. At some edges of the omelet
c. In and round the pan
d. in the omelet
e. Around the pan

23. What makes all the difference to the omelet?
a. making a plate shiny with a little butter
b. putting something on it
c. touching the omelet
d. sliding the omelet on to a plate
e. putting the omelet on butter

The text for No. 24 to 28
• 1 cup whole meal self-raising flour
• ½ cup brown sugar
• ½ cup oat bran
• ½ teaspoon cinnamon
• ¼ cup almond flakes
• 2 large green apples
• 1 egg
• 2/3 cup milk
• 60 g butter, melted
1 Turn oven to 220oC (425oF).
2 Grease 12 muffin pans.
3 Sift flour into a bowl. Add sugar, oat bran, cinnamon and almonds.
4 Peel and grate the apples.
5 Put them into the bowl.
6 Mix egg, milk and melted butter in a jug.
7 Add to bowl all at once.
8 Stir with a fork
9 Stir until just mixed.
10 Almost fill the muffin pans with the batter.
11 Bake in oven for 15 to 20 minutes until golden.
12 Serve the muffins warm with butter and jam.

24. When do you consider that the muffins should be served?
a. When they are still warm
b. When they are still cold
c. When they are in the oven
d. When they are in the bowl
e. When they are ripe

25. Why do people use self-raising flour? Because …..
a. You don’t have to use fork
b. You don’t have to use butter
c. You don’t have to use cinnamon
d. You don’t have to use baking powder
e. You don’t have to use oven

26. How many muffins will you get out of the recipe?
a. Fifteen muffins
b. Fifty muffins
c. Twenty muffins
d. Two muffins
e. Twelve muffins

27. What do you think ‘almost fill the muffin pans’ means? It means …..
a. We don’t fill the pans with the muffin
b. We don’t fill the pans to the brim
c. We don’t fill the pans with the apple
d. We don’t fill the pans to the bowl
e. We don’t fill the pans to the oven

28. Where do you cook the muffins?
a. In a bowl
b. In a teaspoon
c. In an oven
d. In a jug
e. In a fork

29. The bag : Rp 87.625,-
The watch : Rp 129.999,-
Choose the right sentence according to the chart above…
a. The bag is as expensive as the watch
b. The watch is cheaper than the bag
c. The watch is more expensive than the bag
d. The bag is more cheap the watch
e. The bag is expensiver than the watch

30. Cisadane river : 9.478 m
Citarum river : 6.231 m
Ciliwung river :13.238 m
Choose the right sentence to the chart above….
a. Cisadane river is deeper than Citarum river
b. Citarum river is the shortest of all
c. Cisadane river is lower than Citarum river
d. Cisadane river is the longest of all
e. Cisadane river is faster than Citarum river

31. Mount Krakatau : 3.471 m
Mount Merapi : 2.834 m
Mount Semeru : 1.934 m
Choose the sentence which is not true according to the chart above….
a. Mount Merapi is lower than mount Krakatau
b. Mount Krakatau is the highest of all
c. Mount Semeru is lower than mount Merapi
d. Mount Krakatau is the highest of all
e. Mount Merapi is higher than mount Krakatau

32. This exercise is not difficult. Its _____________________ I expected.
a. More difficult than
b. The most difficult
c. Easier than
d. The most easy
e. More easy than

33. John’s results were bad. Fred’s results were very poor. Fred’s results were _______________ John’s.
a. Worst
b. Bader than
c. The Best
d. Better than
e. Worse than

34. People say that Chinese is ____________________to learn than English.
a. More difficult than
b. The most difficult
c. Easier than
d. The most easy
e. More easy than

35. Money is great. But it’s not the…….thing in life
a. Most comfortable
b. Happiest
c. Most serious
d. Most important
e. Worst

36. I like the chicken sate near our school. It’s much ……..
a. Further
b. Tastier
c. Healthier
d. More expensive
e. Tastyier

37. Shinta :“What is that in your hand ?”
Tessa :“It is an umbrella”
Shinta :“Why do you bring it”
“It is not raining,……?
Tessa : “It’s ok !”
The right tag question to fill in the blank is.…
a. Was it
b. Don’t you
c. Is it
d. Didn’t she
e. Isn’t it

38. Siti :“What happened with you ?”
Monica :“There was a traffic jam in the street”
“I am late,………?
Siti : “Yes you are. The meeting was over an hour ago.
The right tag question to fill in the blank is……
a. Do I
b. Didn’t I
c. Aren’t I
d. Are I
e. Amn’t I

39. Merlion :“My father always goes to the lake to fishing every Sunday”
Rahmi : “Your father likes fishing very much,………?”
Merlion : “Yes, he almost spends all weekend in the lake.
The right tag question to fill in the blank is…
a. doesn’t he ?
b. does he ?
c. does she ?
d. didn’t he ?
e. is he ?

40. Wasis :“You spent a lot of money in the supermarket yesterday ….?
Fesa : “You’re right. Everything is so expensive now”
The right tag question to fill in the blank is …
a. are you
b. did I
c. does he
d. won’t you
e. didn’t you

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