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November 16th, 2013 Kumpulan Soal Ujian Smster

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : XI ( Sebelas ) IPA/IPS
Kelompok : A

A. Multiple Choice ( This is for questions no. 1 to 45 )

Text 1. ( This is for questions no. 1 to 3 )

Maimoen Palace
Maimoen Palace (Indonesian: Istana Maimun), is a well-known landmark at Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra. Built by the Kesultanan (King) of Deli, Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah in 1888, the palace covers 2,772 m2 and has 30 rooms. The Palace has become a tourist destination not solely because of age but also because of the unique interior design of the palace, mixing elements of Malayan cultural heritage, Islam, Spanish, Indian, and Italian style
1. “……………….., is a well-known landmark at Medan,….” (line one and two )
The word ‘well-known’ means……..
a. beautiful d. tremendous
b. familiar e. wonderful
c. established

2. The type of the text is…….
a. narrative d. report
b. descriptive e. anecdote
c. analytical exposition

3. Which of the following does not become the tourist’s attraction to visit the palace ?
a. The palace covers 2,772 m2 and has 30 rooms.
b. The palace has unique interior designs.
c. The Maimoen Palace was built a long time ago.
d. The interior design of the palace look very stylistic.
e. The palace mixes elements of Malay, Islam and European styles.

Text 2 ( This is for questions no. 4 to 6 )

One day a little mouse crawled over a lion while it was sleeping. “I am going to eat you,” roared the lion.
The poor mouse begged for mercy. “Please don’t. I promise not to disturb you again.” So the lion freed the mouse.
Now one day, the mouse was passing when he heard a lion’s roar. Looking around, the mouse saw the lion, trapped in a net. The mouse quickly ran over to the lion. The mouse gnawed at the net, and soon made a big hole. The lion crawled out.
“Thank you,” he said. “You saved my life. I fell into the hunter’s trap while I was looking for food.”
“Well, one good turn deserves another,” replied the mouse.
4. The main idea of the text is….
a. A friend in need is a friend in deed
b. A little mouse crawled over a lion
c. A small animal helps a big one
d. People must help one another
e. One good turn deserves another

5. How did the little mouse help the lion out of the net ?
a. It made a big hole in the ground.
b. It gave the lion some food
c. It broke the hunter’s trap
d. It bit the net steadily
e. It roared as loudly as the lion did

6. The purpose of the text is …..
a. to tell the readers a fable
b. to describe the story between a lion and a mouse
c. to share the story with the readers
d. to give a good lesson to the readers
e. to persuade the readers to help one another

Text 3 ( This is for questions no. 7 to 9 )

Jl. Mesjid 9 Karya Berombak
March 26, 2008

The Personnel Manager
Air Freight & Courier Service Ltd
Jl. Balai Pustaka Timur Raya No. 39
Blok A-8 Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur.

Dear Sir

In reply to your advertisement in The Jakarta Post dated March 25, 2008, I would like to apply for the position of Electronics Data Processing.
I am a graduate of North Sumatra University, majoring in Technology of Information and have ever had an experience in the similar position for two years.
For your further reference I enclose here with a testimonial , a reference from my former employer and bio-data besides my photo.
I’d be glad to come for an interview at any time convenience to you.

Yours faithfully,

Andina Putri

7. What do you call “Dear Sir” as the part of the letter above ?
a. Heading d. salutation
b. inside address e. closing
c. introduction

8. Which of the following statements is Not True based on the text above ?
a. The applicant got the job advertisement from The Jakarta Post magazine.
b. The applicant has two years experience in electronics data processing.
c. The writer graduated from University of North Sumatra.
d. The applicant put some particulars along with his application letter.
e. The applicant wrote the application letter one day after she had got the information.

9. The word ‘freight’ above means the same with…..
a. delivery d. carriage
b. travel e. journey
c. goods

Text 4 ( This is for questions no. 10 to 13 )

Much of what we throw away could be used again. Recycling puts “garbage” to good use. Recycling helps preserve precious resources because it saves on the use of raw materials and energy. It also reduces the pollution caused when the waste is dumped.
Glass can be re-melted. This is better than making fresh glass from raw materials, but it is even better to reuse the bottle whole.
Metals can be recycled by being re-melted and then used to make other new items. The metals to recycle from an ordinary household are aluminum and steel from cans. Scrap from cars gives several different metals for recycling.
Paper is easy to recycle. Every home and office should have a paper reclining routine.
Plastics are the worst problems because they do not biodegrade (breakdown) easily. They are also hard to recycle and cause harmful pollution when burned.
It is important to use as few plastics as possible, and then only ones that are recyclable or biodegradable.
10. The text mainly discusses……
a. the pollution reduction d .the use of raw materials
b. the metals to recycle e. Recycling garbage
c. problems with plastics

11. What is the type of the text ?
a. hortatory exposition d. anecdote
b. description e. Analytical Exposition
c. narrative

12. Which of the following is Not True about the text ?
a. Recycling can save on the use of materials and energy.
b. Metals, like aluminum and steel are not recyclable materials.
c. Re-melted glasses are better than making the fresh ones from raw materials
d. When burned, plastics can cause harmful pollution.
e. Glasses and metals can be recycled by being re-melted.

13. “……and cause harmful pollution when burned.” (par.5)
The opposite of the underlined word is…..
a. dangerous d. risky
b. destructive e. damagings
c. safe

Text 5 ( This is for questions no. 14 to 18 )

We are writing to complain about ads on TV. There are so many ads, especially during our favorite programs. We think they should be stopped for a number of reasons.
Ads are a nuisance. They go on for a long time and there are so many. Sometimes there seems to be more ads than programs.
Ads are a bad influence on people. They try to encourage people to buy unhealthy food like beer, soft drink, candy and chips. And they make people want things they do not really need and cannot afford.
The people who make ads have too much say in what programs people watch. That is because they want to put all their ads on popular programs that a lot of people watch. Some programs which are not so popular get stopped because they do not attract enough ads, even though those programs may be someone’s favorites.
For those reasons, we think your TV station should stop showing ads. They interrupt programs. They are a bad influence on people, and they are sometimes put a stop to people’s favorite shows. We are sick of ads, and now we mostly watch other channels.
14. What is the topic of the text above ?
a. Favorite programs on TV
b. The bad influence of ads on people
c. The nuisance of ads on TV
d. So many ads on TV
e. Complaint about ads on TV

15. What is the purpose of the text ?
a. To complain about the advertisements on TV
b. To describe the bad influence of ads on TV
c. To tell that ads on TV have a number of reasons to be stopped.
d. To persuade that ads should be stopped on TV
e. To inform the readers that ads interrupt programs on TV

16. The genre of the text is…..
a. narrative                   d. hortatory exposition
b. descriptive               e. analytical exposition
c. news item

17. “……..want things they do not really need and cannot afford.” ( paragraph 3 )
The underlined word refers to….
a. people                                           d. ads on TV
b. favorite programs                  e. kinds of food
c. a number of reasons

18. Why do TV stations stop showing some programs, even someone’s favorites ? Because…
a. there are so many ads
b. the programs have a bad influence
c. people dislike the programs
d. ads interrupt the programs
e. they do not get ample ads

Text 6 ( This is for questions no. 19 to 23 )

Snake In the Bath

How would you like to find a snake in your bath ? A nasty one too !
We had just moved into a new house, which had been empty for so long that everything was in a terrible mess. Anna and I decided we would clean the bath first, so we set to, and turned on the tap.
Suddenly to my horror, a snake’s head appeared in the plug hole. Then out slithered the rest of his long thin body. He twisted and turned on the slippery bottom of the bath, spitting and hissing at us.
For an instant I stood there quite paralyzed. Then I yelled for my husband, who luckily came running and killed the snake with the handle of a broom. Anna, who was only three at the time, was quite interested in the whole business. Indeed I had to pull her out of the way or she’d probably have leant over the bath to get a better look.
We found out later that it was a black mamba, a poisonous kind of snake. It had obviously been fast asleep, curled up as the bottom of the nice warm water-pipe. It must have had an awful shock when the cold water came trickling down! But nothing to the shock I got ! Ever since then I’ve always put the plug in firmly before running the bath water.
19. The type of the text above is…..
a. narrative                      d. hortatory exposition
b. report                            e. descriptive
c. anecdote

20. The generic structure of the text is…….
a. thesis > argument > argument > argument > recommendation
b. identification > description > description > description > description
c. orientation > event > event > event > reorientation
d. orientation > complication > resolution > complication > resolution
e. abstract > orientation > crisis > reaction > coda

21. Which statement is TRUE according to the text ?
a. Anna might have been closer to the snake unless pulled out of her way.
b. The house was the writer’s and his husband’s first residence.
c. The writer was amazed to find the snake’s head in the plug hole.
d. The house was well – arranged when they first moved into it.
e. The writer finally killed the snake with the handle of a broom

22. What paragraph tells the readers about the writer’s fear ?
a. five d. two
b. four e. one
c. three

23. “………..put the plug in firmly before running the bath water .” ( paragraph 5 )
The underlined word closely means…….
a. widely                    d. irresolutely
b. loosely                  e. steadily
c. narrowly

24. A : Is the baby alright ?
B : She keeps on crying. I’m sure if her mother ………. here, she ……….. crying. She may be
thirsty and hungry.
a. is – will stop
b. were – would stopped
c. will be – stops
d. were – stopped
e. had been – would have stopped

25. A : Was it a great concert ?
B : Yea. I really enjoyed it. If you had come to see it, you would have enjoyed it too.
From the dialog we know that …..
a. B had come to the concert
b. B doesn’t come to the concert
c. A and B came to the concert
d. B hadn’t come to the concert
e. B didn’t come to the concert

26. ‘I hear your son is going hiking again’
‘Oh, yes, I just don’t understand … much.’
a. does he like it or not
b. if he likes it
c. why he likes it
d. why does he like it
e. that he likes it

27. I put …..spoonfuls of sugar into the coffee….. I put into the tea.
a. less – from d. fewer – than
b. as much – as e. more – from
c. as many – as

28. Join the two sentences below into one using : so – that or such – that
a. My sweetheart gave me a nice present on my last birthday
b. I keep it in a special place in my bedroom.
The correct combination is ….
a. The present my sweetheart gave me was so nice that I keep it in a special place in my
b. My sweetheart gave me such a nice present that I keep it in a special place in my bedroom.
c. My sweetheart gave me a nice present so that I keep it in a special place in my bedroom.
d. It was such a nice present my sweetheart gave me that I keep it in a special place in my
e. My sweetheart gave me a nice present so I keep it in a special place in my bedroom.

29. Mr. Rafi : Say ‘congratulations’ to Mr. Herman.
Mr. Zaqi : Why ?
Mr. Rafi : The board of directors have elected him…..
a. to be the branch manager in Batam.
b. to become a branch manager in Batam.
c. branch manager in Batam
d. a branch manager in Batam.
e. as a branch manager in Batam.

30. Faiz : Do you hear that Ariel has broken up with his girlfriend? She only wants his money.
Ryan : Oh, I just don’t know what to do now.
I have always advised him to be careful with the girl. I know she is money-minded .
From the dialog we know Ryan is expressing his…..
a. love d. sadness
b. relief e. embarrassment
c. pain

31. Lawyer : Tom, your wife wants to get half of the property, the investment and also the
Tom : I don’t get along with that. She claims too much, I think.
The underlined expression shows ……
a. denial d. inability
b. impossibility e. disagreement
c. uncertainty

32. Mr. Sam : Oh, dear. What a mess !
Doni : Hi, Dad. I didn’t hear you come. What did you bring me from the store ?
Mr. Sam : ……………….,son. You have made this mess and now you ask for something ? No
a. How embarrassing d. Take it easy
b. Don’t trouble yourself e. You’re too much
c. Come on. Cheer up

33. Do you know …. ?
a. where is the collection of artifacts kept
b. when is the collection of artifacts kept
c. where the collection of artifacts is kept
d. it is the collection of artifacts kept
e. whether it is the collection of artifacts kept

34. My brother smokes ………. cigarettes …. I do.
He smokes ten pieces but I only do five a day.
a. as many – as d. less – than
b. as much –as e. fewer – than
c. more – than

35. Having read the document carefully,………
a. the document was signed by the manager.
b. the manager signed it.
c. the manager’s signature was affixed.
d. it was time to sign it
e. the signature was made on the document.

36. Being an outstanding student of our school, Hasan was offered a scholarship to study in
The underlined words mean……..
a. If Hasan is an outstanding student
b. When hasan is an outstanding student
c. Although Hasan is an outstanding student
d. Before Hasan is an outstanding student
e. As Hasan is an outstanding student

37. Slowly and carefully the police entered the dense forest….. the robber’s hiding place.
a. surrounding d. surrounded
b. was surrounding e. surrounds
c. which surrounding

38. Irfan : I think the oil company should have put more money into exploiting solar energy
which is so abundant.
Wulan : because fossil fuels will run out in the near future.
a. Oh, sure d. Go ahead
b. I don’t think so e. I agree
c . that’s great

39. 1. I am a graduate of SMK, electrical department.
2. For further information, I enclose a copy of my curriculum vitae, some certificates and 2
pieces of my photographs.
3. I am writing in response to your advertisement in ’Kompas’ dated April 20,2002 for the
post of electrician.
4. Sincerely yours, Nugraha.
5. I am available for an interview at any time, and look forward to hearing from you soon.
6. And I have an experience as an electrician for 2 years.
The appropriate arrangement is …..
a. 3 – 1 – 4 – 2 – 6 – 5
b. 3 – 1 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 4
c. 3 – 2 – 5 – 1 – 6 – 4
d. 3 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 2 – 5
e. 3 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 1 – 6

40. Read the two sentences below.
a. How did the helicopter suddenly land on the farming land ?
b. It is still under investigation.
The combination is…..
a. How did the helicopter suddenly land on the farming land is still under investigation..
b. It is still under investigation how did the helicopter suddenly land on the farming land.
c. How the helicopter suddenly lands on the farming land is still under investigation.
d. How the helicopter suddenly landed on the farming land and it is still under investigation.
e. How the helicopter suddenly landed on the farming land is still under investigation

Text 7. ( This is for questions no. 41 to 43 )
At present, aero planes are playing a very important role to …….41) one place to another. People can go around the world just in a two day flight by the world’s first supersonic airliner, Concorde, which…….42) at a height of over 180,000 meters and ……43) a speed of over 2000 km per hour.
41. a. disjoin d. connect
b. part e. divide
c. separate

42. a. goes d. drives
b. comes e. flies
c. jumps

43. a. reaches d. cuts
b. continues e. limits
c. moves

44. I am interested in working as a receptionist in your hotel as I enjoy hotel work and now I
would like to broaden my experience.
The underlined word can be replaced by…..
a. increase d. add up
b. develop e. enlighten
c. widen

45. The little boy was…….when he was watching the …….film.
a. frightening – frightened
b. frightened – frightened
c. frightened – frightening
d. frightening – frightening
e. to frighten – frightening

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Ulangan Akhir Semester 2

November 9th, 2013 Kumpulan Soal Ujian Smster

A. Pilihlah a, b atau c dengan cara memberi tanda silang (x) pada jawaban yang

   paling benar !

1. Buku nikah termasuk dokumen . . . .

a. pribadi

b. negara

c. niaga

2. KTP merupakan dokumen yang menunjukkan bukti. . . .

a. kewarganegaraan

b. anggota keluarga

c. status seseorang

3. Saham termasuk dokumen . . . .

a. niaga

b. sejarah

c. pribadi

4. Dokumen berupa undang-undang dasar berguna untuk . . . .

a. mengatur negara

b. melindungi warga negara

c. menunjukkan kebenaran

5. Dokumen literal disimpan di . . . .

a. museum

b. gedung arsip

c. gedung perpustakaan

6. Contoh dokumen sejarah berupa . . . .

a. undang-undang

b. surat berharga

c. teks proklamasi

7. Bukti pembayaran di toko berupa . . . .

a. bon

b. nota

c. kuitansi

8. Informasi dari dokumen memberitakan . . . .

a. peristiwa

b. dongeng

c. cerita

9. Peristiwa kelahiran membuat hati menjadi . . . .

a. sedih

b. bahagia

c. menderita

10. Manfaat berwisata bersama keluarga adalah . . . .

a. menghemat biaya

b. mudah mengurusnya

c. menjalin kebersamaan

11. Ketika ada anggota keluarga yang meninggal, kamu harus . . . .

a. bergembira

b. mendoakan

c. bersenang-senang

12. Bencana alam termasuk peristiwa . . . .

a. mengharukan

b. menyenangkan

c. tidak menyenangkan

13. Bertengkar menyebabkan keluarga . . . .

a. bahagia

b. harmonis

c. tidak rukun

14. Kedudukan ibu dalam keluarga sebagai . . . .

a. pembantu

b. kepala rumah tangga

c. pengelola rumah tangga

15. Tugas pemimpin keluarga adalah . . . .

a. mengurus keluarga

b. mengatur anggota keluarga

c. memerintah anggota keluarga

16. Kedudukanmu di sekolah sebagai . . . .

a. pelajar

b. guru

c. penjaga

17. Kedudukan anak dalam keluarga sebagai . . . .

a. penerus keluarga

b. pengelola rumah tangga

c. kepala rumah tangga

18. Peran ayah adalah . . . .

a. pencari nafkah

b. pengelola rumah tangga

c. pembantu rumah

19. Ibu bekerja untuk . . . .

a. dirinya sendiri

b. menambah nafkah

c. bersenang-senang

20. Pembagian pekerjaan di rumah dilakukan dengan . . . .

a. paksaan

b. musyawarah

c. perdebatan

21. Tugas ibu setiap pagi adalah . . . .

a. menyapu lantai

b. menyiram tanaman

c. menyiapkan sarapan

22. Tugasmu setiap pagi adalah . . . .

a. mencari nafkah

b. memasak di dapur

c. merapikan tempat tidur

23. Tugas setiap pelajar adalah . . . .

a. belajar

b. bekerja

c. bermain

24. Kebersihan rumah adalah tanggung jawab . . . .

a. ayah

b. ibu

c. anggota keluarga

25. Kita sebaiknya belajar di ruang . . . .

a. tamu

b. belajar

c. keluarga

26. Contoh kerja sama di rumah adalah . . . .

a. Adi dan Nia belajar bersama

b. Adi dan Nia berebut mainan

c. Nia mengejek Adi yang terjatuh

27. Kegiatan yang dilakukan bersama orang lain disebut . . . .

a. kerja sama

b. pekerjaan rumah

c. tenaga kerja

28. Peristiwa yang kita alami sebaiknya . . . .

a. dilupakan

b. dicatat

c. dibiarkan

29. Contoh peristiwa penting adalah . . . .

a. tidur

b. bermain

c. juara kelas

30. Agar teman kita tahu pengalaman kita, sebaiknya kita . . . .

a. diam

b. ceritakan

c. biarkan

31. Contoh peristiwa menyenangkan adalah . . . .

a. sakit

b. terjatuh

c. berwisata

32. Saling menghormati kedudukan membuat keluarga kita . . . .

a. rukun

b. berselisih

c. bertikai

33. Kerja bakti di kampung membuat warga . . . .

a. rukun

b. bertengkar

c. bertikai

34. Tugas kita ketika kerja bakti adalah . . . .

a. membantu

b. bermain

c. berwisata

35. Tetangga kita sakit, sebaiknya kita . . . .

a. biarkan

b. menengoknya

c. diamkan

36. Agar lingkungan tetap aman, warga melakukan . . . .

a. ronda

b. rapat

c. kerja bakti

37. Adi dan Nia saling membantu. Sikap itu sebaiknya kita . . . .

a. tiru

b. diamkan

c. jauhi

38. Peran yang seharusnya kamu lakukan saat ayah sakit adalah . . . .

a. menemaninya

b. bermain dengan teman

c. sukacita

39. Tempat ronda malam disebut . . . .

a. kantor desa

b. poskamling

c. rumah Pak RT

40. Dengan kerja sama maka pekerjaan menjadi . . . .

a. berat

b. ringan

c. tidak selesai

B. Jawablah pertanyaan dengan tepat!

1. Sebutkan dokumen menurut pemakainya!

2. Apa yang dimaksud dengan bukti?

3. Jelaskan manfaat sertifikat tanah!

4. Mengapa kelahiran termasuk peristiwa yang menyenangkan?

5. Apa saja arti penting peristiwa ulang tahun?

6. Sebutkan usaha yang dilakukan dalam membantu korban bencana!

7. Apa yang dimaksud dengan kepala keluarga?

8. Sebutkan peran anak!

9. Berikan contoh kerja sama di lingkungan rumah!

10. Berikan contoh kerja sama di lingkungan tetangga!

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