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November 16th, 2013 BAHASA INGGRIS
The Members of a Family
Irfan and David are new friend. They are classmate. Both are in the class, VII-1. irfan is visiting David now. They want to do their homework together. Before doing it, they are talking in the living room.
Irfan    : Is that your father, David ? (point to a big fhoto on the
David   : Yes, from the left is daddy, mummy and grandmother.
  And now on the forst row the second from the left is – me
  – Dani.
Rinto    : Oh yes, I know.
David   : Then, on my right is my elder brother, Witono. On my left
                 is my younger brother, Rudi. And the only girl is my
                 younger sister, Wati.
Answer the questions based on the above text !
1.      Who is Irfan ?
2.      Where is Irfan and David talking ?
3.      Who is standing behind Witono ?
4.      Who is standing between David’s father and Dani’s grandmother ?
5.      Who is the oldest ?
6.      Is David elder brother stand on David’s right ?
Task II
Interview one of your teacher and ask him/her about his/her family.
Questions :
1.      What’s your father’s name ?
2.      What’s your mother’s name ?
3.      What’s your name ? (teacher)
4.      What’s your name’s husband/wife ?
5.      What are your daughter’s names?
6.      What are your sons’s names ?
7.      What’s your name’s uncle ?
8.      What’s your name’s aunt ?
9.      What’s granddaughter’s names ?
10.  What’s your grandson;s names ?
Task I
Read the text carefully
Morning Activities
            Ari’s mother usually gets up first about 04.00 a.m. she prepares breakfast. She boils water, cooks rice and so on. She does not forget to wake all the family. Ari makes his bed before doing his bed before doing his other jobs. His brother Agus and his sister Shinta do the same. After morning prayers, Ari helps his mother. He cleans the room. Agus works outdoors. He sweeps the yard and then washes the dishes. After that she sets the table for breakfast. Ari takes a bath first and get dressed. At about 6:15 a.m. everything is ready. They have they breakfast together. They leave the house at about 6:45 a.m. ari, Agus ans Shinta go to school and theis parents go to the office.
Answer the questions based on the above text!
1.      Who usually gets up early ?
2.      What time does Ari’s mother get up ?
3.      What do Ari,Agus and Shinta do before doing their other jobs ?
4.      Where does Shinta works ?
5.      What time do the children and their parents leave the house ?
Task II : Outdoor Activities
Find ten activities of the teachers at school !
Names of Teachers
Simple Present Tense
a.       Simple Present Tense ia an activities is always done in the present time.
Pattern : Subject + Verb + Obect + Comp[lement
Examples :
-          My father works in the office everyday.
-           He writes a letter once the month.
-          The boys plays football in the field every afternoon.
-          The children always cry when their mother goes out.
-          My mother often gives me money.
b.      Simple Present Tense is habitual action
-          He always get up at seven o’clock.
-          She often bites her finger while she is studying.
-          The man always laughs in front of the mirror.
-          My friend ofen comes late.
c.       Simple Present Tense is general truth
-          The sun shiones is the east.
-          The dog barks and the cat mews
-          Birds fly and fish swim
-          Fire is hot and ice is cold
Notes :
-          Adverbs of time : everyday, once a monyh, every night, etc.
-          Adverbs of frequency : always, often, usually, sometimes, etc.
Task I
Give the sentences into the correct from un the present tense
1.      My mother always (cook) rice in the kitchen every morning.
2.      The baby sometimes (cry) every night.
3.      She usually (study) English every Monday.
4.      The cat (drink) milk everyday.
5.      Her father (read) newspaper twice a week.
6.      Aminah (try) to get the first rank in the her class.
7.      The man (sit) on the chair in the church.
8.      The students (bring) some books to the library.
9.      My teacher (teach) us English.
10.  The children (play) seme doll in their room.
Task II
Translate these sentences into good Indonesian
1.      Mrs. Jody tells a story to her children.
2.      My mother cooks rice in the kitchen.
3.      Dr. Bernard gives me an injection.
4.      Mrs. Rosdiana gives a speech on Monday.
5.      Mr. Lumban Gaol teach us English.
6.      My friens brings me some cakes.
7.      My aunt wants to make breakfast for me.
8.      Jonathan repairs my car well.
9.      Mary wears her new blouse.
10.  The man helps me to lift my bag.
Choose  the correct answer by crossing a,b,c or d !
1.      The sister of my mother is called………
a. Queen                                  c. Uncle
b.Aunt                                    d. Brothe
2.      A person who bore us in the world is……
a. Sister                                   c. Father
b.Brother                                d. Mother
3.      The Children from our fahter and mother are……
a.  Sons and daughter               c. Uncle and aunt
b.  Father and mother               d. King and queen
4.      Iwan : Hi, Joko. Who is going with you ?
Joko : She is……..mother.
a. Her                                            c. My
b.His                                            d. Your
5.      Dian : Is Fitri dillligent
Novi : ……………
a.  yes, he is                                 c. yes, she is
b. yes, I am                                 d. yes, you are
6.      We…….English every we meet out friend
a.  Speak                                      c. learn
b. Talk                                         d. study
7.      On my left hand. I have…….fingers.
a.  Two                                         c. Three
b. Four                                         d. Five
8.      Nico   : How is Helen ?
Ferdy :……………………..
a.  she is fourteen years old          c. I am fine
b. she is pretty well                        d. How do you do ?
9.      The mother of our mother is………
a.  Grandmother                             c. Granddaughter
b. Grandfather                               d. Grandson
10.  An activity is done in every time is called………………
a.  Present tense                              c. Present Continuos tense
b. Past tense                                   d. Past Continuos tense
11.  Anto    : Where does your mother live, Hendry ?
Hendri : ……lives in Percut
a.  She                                             c. It
b. He                                              d. You
12.   Betty   : ……..do you come late ?
 Melva : Becaude of traffic-jam
a.  Who                                            c. Why
b. Where                                         d. Which
13.   Ali :  A person who has obligation to study is called……
Bonar :…………………………….
a.  a teacher                                        c. a headmaster
b. a student                                        d. a clerck
14.  Siska……to study English because it is very important for her.
a.  like                                               c. likes
b. to like                                            d. liked
15.   Berry    : Thanks for your help
 Bernad :……….
a.  you’re very kind                          c. you’re welcome
b. I’m sorry                                      d. why not
16.  Tigor : Have you……..an English Dictionary
Nurul : …….
a.  Buy                                              c. to buy
b. Bought                                         d. buying
17.  Nurul   : What are you doing here ?
Webby : I’m waiting…….my friend
a.  At                                                  c. In
b. With                                             d. For
18.  She went to her friends party with…….friend Nindy.
a.  His                                                 c. Your
b. Her                                                d. Their
19.  Father : “What do you always do every going home from school”.
Dita      : “I take an English course?”
a.  every day                                     c. right now
b. this morning                                d. last night
20.  My sister likes to study Biology very much……wants to become a doctor as her ambition.
a.  He                                               c. you
b. She                                             d. we
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November 16th, 2013 BAHASA INGGRIS
2 + 4
Memahami dan mengungkapkan makna dalam teks lisan dan fungsional pendek sangat sederhana untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan terdekat.
2.1 + 4.1
Merespon dan mengungkapkan makna tindak tutur yang terdapat dalam teks lisan fungsional pendek interpersonal sangat sederhana secara akurat, lancar dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan terdekat.
2.2 + 4.2
Merespon dan mengungkapkan makna gagasan yang terdapat dalam teks lisan fungsional pendek sangat sederhana secara akurat, lancar dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan terdekat.
Task I
Complete the dialouge by listening to the teacher
Shanti        : Hello guys, right now I’m in SMP 3 Percut Sei
 Tuan Junior High School. It’s nice school. Let’s   
 meet one of the students
Shanti        : Hi ! My name’s Shanti. I’m a (1)….from SMP 3
  Percut Sei Tuan.
Farida        : Hello, Shanti. I’m Farida. Nice to (2)…..you.
Shanti        : Nice to (3)…..you, too. You have a great school.
  You’re a student here, right !
Farida        : I am
Shanti        : Where is your (4)…….?
Farida        : It’s not so far from here. I’m student from (5)……
Shanti        : May I (6)………it ?
Farida        : Sure. Let me (7)………your arround.
Task II
Answer the questions based on the dialogue above
1.      Where is Shanti’s school ?
2.      Is Shanti a new student of the school ?
3.      Who is Farida ?
4.      Where is Farida’s school ?
5.      Can Shanti see Farida’s school ?
Task III
Read the dialouge bellow then answer the following questions !
An English Class
            This period is an English class for VII-1, Mrs. Nurbaiti is standing in front of the class. She is asking the students some questions.
Mrs. Nurbaiti         : Who is absent, today ?
Lendy                    : Henny and Rendy, Mam.
Mrs. Nurbaiti         : Are there any letters from their parents ?
Lendy                    : Yes, there is. It is from Siti’s father, but no
                                             letter from Budi’s parents.
Mrs. Nurbaiti         : Well, bring it here, Lena.
Lendy                    : Yes, Mam. Here you are.
Mrs. Nurbaiti         : Thank you. Now turn to page 21 for our
  English class. Repeat after me, please “He
  is in the laboratory”
Students                 : He is in the laboratory.
Task IV
1.      What’s the name of their teacher ?
2.      How many students are talkingf to their teacher ?
3.      Who is absent in the class ?
4.      What page do they want to study ?
5.      What sentences does the students repeat ?
Task I
Listen to your teacher and complete the dialogue.
Andika             : What (1)…….your draw ?
Antony                        : It is a sketch of a house.
Andika             : It seems a (2)…….house
Antony            : Yes, (3)……..you lend me the eraser, please
Andika : Here you are.
Antony            : (4)………….
Andika : (5)………….
2.      SPEAKING
Task II
Practice with your friend then answer the questions !
Joni      : Are you ready for Biology test ?
Helena : Of course. I studied hard last night. Did you ?
Helena : Yes, I did.
Joni      : Sshh….our techer is coming. You better prepare
Helena : Oh no…..My pen is left behind.
              Do you have another one ?
Joni      : Sure. I bring three pens. Here you are.
Helena : Thanks
Joni      : You’re welcome.
3.      READING
Task III
Read the following taxt then answer the questions !
A New Student
            Hello! I am Vinesa Febrianty. I am student of SMP 3 Percut Sei Tuan. I am thirteen years old. I have two brothers and one sister. My brothers are William and Ivander. My sister is Vania. William is ten years old. Ivander is seven years old and Vania is five years old. They are students. William studies in the sixth grade. Ivander studies in the second grade and Vania studies in Kindegerten. They are clever and kind to me.
Answer the questions based on  the above text
1.      Who is the new student ?
Answer :
2.      Where is her school ?
Answer :
3.      How old is she ?
Answer :
4.      How many brothers and sister does she have ?
Answer :
5.      Who are they ?
Answer :
4.      WRITING
Task IV
Complete the paragraph below !
My name is………………………………………….…(your name)
I am student. I am………………………………….years (your age)
This is…………………………………………….(your classmate)
He comes from………………………………………..(his/her city)
We study at SMP……………………………………..(your school)
Task V
Study the explanation below !
Anisa is my niece. She is from Medan.
Mr. Wanuri is my uncle. He is a pilot.
Paul and Jane are in the library. They read a magazine.
Rosalina and I play chess. We are brothers.


Task VI
Fill in the blanks like example in task V !
1.      This is Mrs. Sitorus. ………………….us a Counseling teacher.
2.      David is my nephew. ………………………….is from Mexico.
3.      Those are Norah and Jones. ……………….re my new friends.
4.      Ralf and are dance instructors. ………..work at Dazzling Gym.
5.      This is Miss. Cunning. ……………………is beautiful and rich.
6.      Mr. Brosnan operates the patients carefully. ……is a good internist.
7.      Mellisa and Lucy go diving in the beach every week. …..have the some body.
8.      The dog is eating bone. ………………is my favourite animal.
9.      The rabbits eat big carrots. ……………………are fat and cute.
10.  The fat lady waves at me. ……………………….….is my aunt.
In The Library
            In SMP 3 Percut Sei Tuan has library, it has located beside left the Media-room. There are many kinds of books such as English books, Mathematics books, Biology books, History books and many others. Student like to go there to get much knowledge. By reading books, they can be clever. Every students must have a member card to be able to borrow some books. They can read them in their house.
            There are four librarians on duty in library. They are Mrs. Barita, Mrs. Ratna Linda, Mrs. Routa and Mrs. Alida. They are also Indonesian teachers. The book in the library are complete. The book are kept in the book shelves tidiliy.
Answer the questions based on the above text
1.      Where in the location of library ?
2.      Are there complete books in there ?
3.      Who are the librarian in the library ?
4.      How can the students in the library ?
5.      How are the books kept in the library ?
            The modal auxiliaries in English are  can, could, had better, may, might, must, ought to, shall, will and would.
Can : ability , permission
-          I can swim in a deep sea.
-          She can drive her father’s car.
Could : ability, permission in the past or polite request in questions.
-          I could lift the heavy box last time
-          She could enter my room two days ago
Had better : It’s time to door advice
-          You had better go to sleep.
-          She had better see the doctor
-          They had better study hard
May : Permission
-          May I come to your room ?
-          May I see my grandfather ?
Might : Quite Formal and Polite Permission
-          Might I borrow your money ?
-          Might I stay in your house ?
Must : something is very important or necessary
-          I must go to the bank
-          You must pay your school-fee
Ought to : advice
-          She ought to pay her debt
-          We ought to bring the umbrella before it rains
Shall : Real Futures
-          We shall go to her house.
-          I shall be twenty –two years old next month
Should : To give advice
-          Dick is very sick. He should see a doctor.
-          Nancy is still working at 3:00 in the morning. She should go to bed.
Will : Future in the present
-          She will meet her doctor
-          They will take English course next month
Would : Future in the past
-          They would promise to meet last night
-          We would listen to radio two days ago
Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d !
1.      Last week Ryan…..to mount Merapi.
a.       Go                               c. Gone
b.      Went                            d. Goes
2.      Aji….football with his friends yerterday.
a.       Plays                            c. Played
b.      Play                             d. Is playing
3.      Two days ago Bimo went diving to Bunaken with his father. They……..beautiful fish there.
a.       Saw                              c. Sees
b.      See                               d. Seen
4.      Iwan          : Hi, Joko. This is Rudi. He is our new classmate.
Joko           : ………………….
Rudi           : How do you do ? Glad to see you
Joko           : Glad to see you.
a.       How do you do?          c. Who are you?
b.      How are you?              d. What do you do?
5.      I must……..to my school now.
a.       Go                                           c. To go
b.      Goes                                        d. Going
6.      We can read many books in the………
a.       Canteen                                   c. Stall
b.      Store                                        d. Library
7.      Megawati Soekarnoputri wa a…………
a.       Astronout                                 c. President
b.      Teacher                                                d. Librarian
8.      Nico           : How is Helen, Ferdy ?
Ferdy         : ………………………..
a.       She is fourteen years old         c. I am fine
b.      She is pretty well                     d. How do you do?
9.      There are seven days in a……………..
a.       day                                          c. month
b.      week                                        d. year
10.  There are totally……………months in a year.
a.       one                                          c. twelve
b.      seven                                       d. twenty
11.   Mr. Gunawan……buy a shirt yesterday
a.       do not                                      c. did not
b.      does not                                   d. is not
12.  Betty          : When did your mother go to Bali ?
Melva        : ……….
a.       Last year                                  c. Today
b.      Next year                                 d. Tomorrow
13.  Ali             : What did you buy in the market last week ?
Bonar         : I……..trousers.
a.       Buy                                          c. Bought
b.      Buys                                        d. To buy
14.  Siska………to study English because it is very important for her.
a.       Like                                         c. Likes
b.      To like                                     d. Liked
15.  Berry         : I’m sorry for my…… late to your house
Bernad       : That’s all right
a.       Come                                       c. To come
b.      Comes                                     d. Coming
16.  Tigor          : Have you……..my young ruler
Nurul         : I think it’s on the table
a.       See                                           c. To see
b.      Seen                                         d. Seeing
17.  Nurul         : What are you doing here ?
Webby       : I’m waiting…….my friend
a.       At                                            c. In
b.      With                                         d. For
18.  The Book……..like a dictionary
a.       See                                           c. Sees
b.      Look                                        d. Looks
19.  Father        : Can you pass me newpaper, please
Dita            : Sure, ……..
a.       Here it is                                  c. OK
b.      Here I am                                 d. I don’t know
20.  Ratna         : I had an accident yesterday
Lia                         : …………………………….
a.       Oh, really                                 c. You are kidding
b.      I don’t believe                         d. I’m sorry to hear that
                                          FAMILY LIFE
Memahami makna dalam teks lisan fungsional pendek sangat sederhana untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan tedekat.
Membaca nyaring bermakna kata, frasa dan kalimat dengan ucapan, tekanan dan intonasi yang berterima dan berkaitan dengan lingkungan terdekat.
Merespon makna gagasan yang terdapat dalam teks lisan fuingsional pendek sangat sederhana secara akurat, lancar dan beretima untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan.
Task I
Read the text carefully and answer the questions
            Mr. Rusman is a policeman. He lives at 9 Jl. Bhayangkara Medan. He has a wife and two children -  one son and one daughter. They are Anton and Marinin. Mrs. Rusman is not a policeman. She is a teacher at SMP 3 Percut Sei Tuan. She is a teacher English. Anton is a fourteen years old. He is an SMP student. She is an elementary school student. She is the fifth year now. The Rusman family is a happy family.
Questions :
  1. What is Mr. Rusman ?
  2. What is his adress ?
  3. Is Mrs. Rusman s policeman ? What is she ?
  4. How old is Anton now ?
  5. Is Marini an SMP student ?
Task II
Complet thee dialouge with the words in the box
It is                                         Who                                      A photo album
Man                                       Girl                                         What….doing
Martono’s                           Buy


Johan   : ……..are you……Rusdi ?
Rusdi   : I am looking at……
Johan   : Is it a new album ?
Rusdi   : Yes,……….
Johan   : …….Is this ?
Rusdi   : This is…..Family
              This……is Mr. Martono
  This woman is Mrs. Martono
  This……is Bambang.
   This….is Rini
Task I
Read the text carefully and answer the questions
 The Members of a Family
            Irfan and David are new friends. They are classmate. Both are in the class, VII-1. Irfan is visiting David now. They want to do their homework together. Before doing it, they are talking in the living-room.
Irfan    : Is that your father, David ? (pointing to a big photo on the
David   : Yes, from the left is daddy, mummy and grandmother.
              And now, on the first row the second from the left is – me
              – Dani.
Rinto    : Oh, yes, I know
David   : Then, on my right is my ekder brother, Witono. On my
              left is my younger brother, Rudi. And the only girls is my
              younger sister, Wati.
  1. Who is Irfan ?
  2. Where is Irfan and David talking ?
  3. Who is standing behind Witono ?
  4. Who is standing between David’s father and Dani’s grandmother ?
  5. Who is the oldest ?
  6. Is David’s elder brother stand on David’s right ?
  7. Who is David’s your  brother ?
  8. Where is he standing ?
  9. How many boys are there ?
  10. Who is Wati ?
Task II
Stdy the words, then repeat after you teacher
  1. Grandfather
  2. Grandmother
  3. Niece
  4. Nephew
  5. Grandson
  6. Grandaughter
  7. Brother
  8. Sister
  9. Uncle
  10. Aunt
Task III
Study the family tree and then answer the questions
Mrs. Abbas
Mr. Abbas




 Who is Ambar’s mother ?
  1. Who is Ambar’s brother ?
  2. Who is Ambar’s sister ?
  3. Who is Ambar’s nieces ?
  4. Who is Rina’s uncle ?
  5. Who is Rina’s aunt ?
  6. Who is Rina’s garandfather ?
  7. Who is Bambang’s granmother ?
  8. Who is Mr. Abbas’s grandaughters ?
  9. Who is Sileha’s husband ?
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